Changes to wh-mass?

I live part of my time in a c1. I have a static connection to highsec via a N110 which has a maximal mass of 1 mio tons +/- the usual 10%. Additionally i have spawns of various types of other connections, for example a K162 which sometimes turns out to be a Z647 from the other side with a mass of 500.000 tons +/- 10%.

I just wanted to roll my static highly critical (verge of collapse) and was not able to do so. I jumped through it multiple times and have now jumped over 3 mio tons through it and it is still unchanged saying “not significantly disrupted”.

I made the test with a Z647 and there I experienced the same. I jumped over 1 mio tons through it - and its status is unchanged.

Have you experienced something similar?

Are you using the tactic of jumping, then activating prop-mod to change your mass? Because this was hit by an undocumented change in the last release.

Now mass is deducted from the wormhole when you hit the jump button instead of when you enter it, so you can no longer force over-massed ships through wormholes.


Wow, so i have to jump 50 times to roll my static N110?

Not possible at all.

“For wormholes with love” seems to be intentionally killing at least the lower-class ones:

No asteroid-belts (never have been), no basic ore in moon-mining, reduced basic ore in moon-ore, more wh connections which you cannot roll if you are not in an active group of at least 20-30 players.

Maybe it might be a good idea to talk to the player-base? But anyways. Communication skills never seemed to be in the dna of CCP…

my personal guess (but I may be wrong) is that you are not supposed to live in a wormhole ?

And yes, they fixed the bug that allowed you to add more mass than allowed.
Now you need to jump 50 times to collapse a WH that has 50 times more mas than maximum mass.

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Hmm, now i am not supposed to - you are right.

But it damages everything: The pvpers cannot fastroll their connections to get content, frigholes cannot be rolled at all anymore. Evictions out of a wh are impossible now because nobody can get holecontrol anymore. And krabbers like me get eradicated because there is no possible way to do my stuff anymore in a wormhole.

So, yes, you are right.

But i would have liked to get some information from ccp in advance. Then i wouldn´t have spent 10 bil on t2 rigs for some athanors… but as i said: CCP and communication-skills is somewhat contradictionary…

That’s another issue : the citadels suck, and having to pay 4times their price for rigs that can’t be removed when the structure is unanchored, is complete shitty retard idiot dumbass dev idea.
Now add this to the other shitty-retard-dumbass idea that structures will unanchor themselves without going to your cargo and … well yes, they are ■■■■. You can’t unanchor rigged ones (cause you lose 80% of the value) and even if you wanted, it takes so long that all the game is aware of it and will try to steal it.

Mainly an issue of communication-skills. I would rather call that an issue of stupidity.


Ok, so we agree upon the main issues.

Nope, not at all; just certain wormholes im guessing.

C1 WHs were hit the hardest by this with the very low allowable mass per jump, i live in a C4 and it makes us have to do one more jump in and out vs you being stuck with significantly more, i know you have alot invested in your hole but its easier to roll a C3 now if it really is that important.

Ok, I got no experience with other wormholes.

if its correct what you say then it seems i really made the worst choice of all possible - or CCP just didn´t think it through as usual.

Did i mention this communication-thing?

Or dont get T2 rigs?
You are not forced to get them. They are meant for big groups, where many people use it. If you life in a WH with C1 static it was never a good idea to get T2 rigs.

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How does the change the affect C4 holes? Which of the WHs could you overmass there?

indeed you are not forced to play the game, so you should not play the game.

It changed it because it disables your prop mod before you jump, which on a higgs rigged BS added 100M kg

it doesnt?
You can jump higged Megas with Prop mod, that have around 300k mass, just like before.

What i wanna say is:
You can go Beltratting in LowSec with a Titan. Its just a pretty bad idea.
Same for T1 Rigs. You can use them with a small corp in a WH, its just not really worth it.

You can do both of these things, but pls dont bitch about it, when you realise, that it wasnt a bright idea.

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What if it was, until now ?

I mean, you are full of â– â– â– â– , for saying what is supposed to be done or not. What is true, is that citadels are shitty compared to POS. What is true, is that unanchoring is a pain in the ass. What is true, is that the rigs costs several times the value of the structure, which makes unanchoring it BECAUSE CCP CHANGED SOMETHING WORTH TO MAKE IT NOT WORTH also a pain in the ass.

Your opinion on what people should or not do is irrelevant.

And if somebody thinks it’s worth using his titan to rat, then it means that for him it’s worth it. And nobody cares if you don’t understand why, for him, it’s worth it, even though for me it would not be worth.

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You do realize, that Eve isnt static? That they are patching Eve for years now?

You are complaining, that they are changing stuff, which they always did.

I never said you shouldnt put T2 Rigs on your Citadels in WHs, that you only use with a small amount of people. I said that you shouldnt come to the forum and complain, that it didnt work out for you. There is also no need to claim that Rigs are that much more expansive than the Citadel, because they dont need to be that expensive, if you are fine with T1.

What would you have done, if somebody killed your citadel? Complain to CCP, that it is unfair?

Na. If you can place structures there you can live in it.

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I mean, maybe CCP wants people to not live in WH anymore, so they make it more and more difficult to live there. I may be wrong though.