Will a Noctis fit through a medium sized wormhole?

“Up to medium sized ships can enter”

Will my Noctis fit through? What’s the general rule on this? There’s another wormhole where only the smallest ships may enter as well.

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Good question.

Depends on how much mass the w-hole will allow to pass through it and how much mass the ship has.

This may help you to figure that out:

Also there’s different forums for specific topics, this thread should have been posted in this sub-forum:



yes but turn of your plates



Hint: what size of rigs does a Noctis use!

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I did make the 15 jump journey to test it… and I found out the last wormhole to my destination system collapsed in the time it took me to go get the Noctis…

Good to know this for future reference!

Doesn’t matter if it’s a medium hull class ship, you still have to check the amount of mass allowed to pass through the w-hole along with the ship mass because different modules will add more mass to the ship.

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Yes, that is true, but I didn’t want to go all spreadsheet on the person when we’ve only just met :wink:

The first 20 revisions of my post detailed that, with all the gory numbers, but I chose to simplify, as figuring the mass of a ship isn’t especially easy.



You don’t really want to go down the numbers road, unless you are trying purposely to collapse a wormhole.

You can get the mass limits from (I have this info copied into my in-game notepad):


Then look at every ‘info’ on your ship; hull, modules, and rigs; for anything that affects mass. Prop-mods like MWD and afterburner are often mentioned, as are armor plates, because they have a very large effect, but there are many others with small mass that can tip-the-scale.

I could be wrong, but I think the only skill to affect mass is Armor Layering. Others can feel free to correct me.

Heavy Interdictors are a special-case because of their warp disruptor field generator, and I can rarely keep track of the buf / nerf state of them. Again, look at all the info!

Now can you see why I opted for simple answer! I didn’t even get to the spreadsheet yet!


This is such a good idea actually… rat types / damage. Wormholes N110, K162, etc.

Why didn’t I do this so much sooner??

I was pretty annoyed yesterday to get all the way to the C1 that went to my null system to find out it had collapsed. I think maybe someone rolled it. Are nullbears afraid of wormholes? :grin:

Edit; thank you for your detailed reply.

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Have you heard of Thera?

Not especially safe, but it does go everywhere:

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Forgot about it actually. I’ve never been. Is it pretty busy there?

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