Resource Redistribution Update

There is lots of diversity. It just doesn’t include “risk-free passive wealth accumulation” in it.

Here we see the real PvP/Goon/Ganker agenda.

You mean the miner agenda? The people that hate you most are your fellow miners who get more profit from their mining if you ragequit.

And trust me, none of US need your hateful, pestilent, exploitative, misanthropic gameplay either, just for the record.

Yeah, sure, whatever lets you sleep at night. Take away destruction and your income goes down. This is what smart miners understand, but feel free to demonstrate your lack of understanding by whining about the people who sign your imaginary paychecks.

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You’re a troll and I will not feed you any further. Goodbye.


My worst fear. Pearl Abyss buys Maruchan, Inc. and asks CCP to provide balance and content to Ramen Noodle Soup.


From a returning player getting into the mining aspect of EVE, please reinstate the Ore Anomalies. That was something I always enjoyed doing as an interesting aside from the usual belt grind. Also as a miner I already ‘enjoy’ hi-sec ganking and I don’t need CCP pushing for more “mining ship losses”. If I wanted to PVP I can and already do elsewhere. On top of that, I had planned to start skilling manufacturing but now it will take even longer to attain the required materials with these changes. Not a fan of any of this…


Nope they want to make it less profitable and more boring than before in the hope you will go into lowsec to be PvP food.

Well done CCP✅


They’ve literally been that trivial.

Sort of like arguing over the best ship-skin to use to go the fastest (‘speed-stripes’ of course, aligned in the direction of travel).

Our last ‘knock-down drag-out eye-gouging fight’ was only a month ago. I’m surprised you’ve managed to recover already. I’m still reeling from the experience :wink:

… and now you are probably gonna disagree with me about that qualifying as a disagreement!

I challenge you to … Shuttles … at the sun! Best 2 out of 3, to give you a chance.

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lol, definitely trivial…

I agree 100% … :upside_down_face:

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Arkonor!! my eye’s bleed when I look at Arkonor.
Seriously, Mining profit with this resource so called “distribution” it is 1/3 less with each mining cycle, Then it was before.

Not if you know a bit about market

Sure Market… right!
You did not get the point, resource was cut down. Output after refine from each mineral is cut down. which means less profit - what market has to do with it?

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No, it won’t. Spacecombat is something totally differant then the UBoat-Simulation you call a space-simulation. In Space you cannot just orbit an object to shoot at it. In Space you usually shoot in just straight lines (no gravity). You would have to calculate the path of your projectil and your target and maybe (depend on distance) also to time the light used to travel to you.
Space fight will NOT be close combat but LONG distance.

If we use newtonian physics for travel sure.
EVE does not use that, therefore trying to say ‘This isn’t what fighting in space would be like’ is utterly silly.

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But you have to have a cyno in system already or the cyno has to survive the gate camp … both possibilities are unlikly.

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What are you even talking about? One guy cried Eve should be point and shoot. I told him in real life that wouldn’t be the case either because computers would do the shooting.

Eve is a game. That’s why we fly through stations and planets. It doesn’t need to be life like. But people who think Eve should be a shooter should go play a different game. They don’t understand strategy.


Yes… you get less minerals out of what you mine. But surely as the minerals become more scarce on the markets, the value of those minerals will go up meaning that eventually the profit for miners will be about the same? Supply and Demand… less supply, same demand will give a higher price for the minerals that you’re able to mine.

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Dear CCP, dear @CCP_Dopamine and i guess behind the scene… dear @CCP_Fozzie

Guys, thanks for trying to optimize the game, in ways that are not dictated by the big groups CSM diplomats. It makes sence that you guys kept them out of the loop on this one, so now they can work with you for small modifications to the plan without you guys being accused of biasm.

Now, i would like to express some concerns about your plans, and if you allow me, i would like to add my 2 cents. Being a JF producer that produces 80 JFs a month in nullsec, that are for the Jita market, i use large quantity`s of basic minerals and moongoo and PI.

*** Redistribution phase**
Looking at the redistributionplan i would like to point out a comment thats already been made, and that is the point of basic buildingblocks. Trit and pye should be everywhere Highsec =basic stuff, lowsec better stuff , nullsec a little better better. This is not a cry out to have nullsec the best, but it scales down into stuff that is beeing build in those regions. The tools you gave to nullsec(caps/supers/titans) needs those base buildingblocks to be build in order to keep the big fights going, same goes for lowsec where carriers and dreads can be build(the thucker-tribe rigg hase its place there).all adding to gameplay and content.

Isogen, Nocxium, Zydrine,Megacyte and morphite could have a “main supply region” . Morphite is a special cookey, and in my humble opinion should be having WH space as main supplyer. This gives Highsec/Lowsec and even Nullsec a reason to go visit WH space + it finally brings back value to WH space itself again ( it even fits in the storyline/ and WH enviorment) and is accesseble from every part of space, ofcourse under Big risk vs Reward.

Removing trit and pye is a bad thing. For casual highsec players/small corps, for lowsec and for nullsec organisations.The other minerals can be adjusted . Further down my textwall i will point out the reason to cutt some of them even further down and buff the rest from your list of numbers.

Ore Anomalies
Highsec => Dont remove ore anoms from Highsec but change them into scanneble deposits(scaled for ballance) of low/nullsec ores. This takes away the cartel forming/ problems for small producres, where larger produceres(in highsec) can setup relations with eighter lowsec or Nullsec indy groups.
It also adds the taste of better stuff more a.k.a gives a sort of incentive to go over the highsec/low/null border adn explore other parts of the game.

Lowsec=> Good as proposed, althow a 9900% increse in Crokite seems a little to much, but you meight have a good reasoning for this.

Wormholes=> Like said before, a anomalie with the Mercoxit would be perfect for WH`s.

Nullsec=> is a little different because of the SOV upgrade`s , where the value of fighting over and holding SOV can be found in. What an option could be is a daily upkeepcost for SOV upgrades for Anoms( yes yes yes i hate to pay tax to but hey…)
Next to this, in realtion to my previus point, add back in Spodumain into all nullsec Anoms. But reduce the ammount of trit by ±40% in a refineble unit. In relation to the trit and pye Spod, the Nullsec “main supplyer” ores should be there, so the market will not be flooded by highend ores in the nullsec strugle to mine enough belts to get the trit/pye they really need. . Also ofcourse remove Mercoxit

GASsites and Moongoo
What i missed in this redistribution phase ( yes i do realise there will be a dynamic systems added later) is the distribution of moongoo. Why is there not a Sec-based distribution of moongoo?

  • Gassites=>. With the T3`s beeing in the shadows because of Triglavian ships, i can understand all anger from the Wormhole community that even now GAS sites are beeing changed, with the feeling of a Nerf.
    The quanitiy increase of 100% is overloked often. Maybe later down the road it would be nice if WH gasses and composits could be added to other moduals and ships.( ofc a nice buff of T3 cruisers i support :slight_smile: )
  • Moongoo=> . I would like to give you an idea to include the WH community into the resourcegame more. Thats alchemy reactions. Instead of burning an abundand moongoo with an other to create a high level goo, add a special moongoo to moons in WHs that is used in alchemy reactions . The ammount needed in low/mid/highend alchemy can be set, to keep it perfectly ballanced, and at the same time it removes the bottleneck of MPAC .
    This gives a piece of value back to the WH community and also gives incent for small indy corps to go work in WH`s/ninjaminers/daitrippers = more gameplay/content. The risk/rewards is very good to with that.
  • moongoo 2=> All 3 types of normal space high/low/null should have a main supply role of moongoo, where Lowsec and Nullsec should have the mid/highends as main supplyer. Highsec should have a little mid/highends arround but….I really really hope you guys make that adaptive/Dynamic
    Next to that i saw a post i really like about moongoo, Add it to baseline stuff to. Carriers/dreads mid-grade moongoo and Pi, Supers and Titans High-end good and Pi ( this all with the baseline of base building blocks trit and pye beeing abundand.

A few idea`s i would like to put on the table for mining ships

  • mining frigates => add a civilian/ORE newbro-mercoxit laser fitting capibility to that, thats only require mining lvl4 for mining merc. This way the miningfrigates can be used by newbro`s. The civilian/ORE newbro-mercoxit laser could be an item they get once from the introduction training( maybe add in a WH part to it)
  • Mining Barges => look kinde oke
  • Exhumers => the big step up in price and a little extra, give them compress capibility. Maybe not instant but that way there is benifit in flying a exhumer+ its a token towards the highsec guys and maybe lowsec guys. Nullfleets have the Rorqs that can compress.
  • Orca => cant really say much about that one, not using it, but take away mining capibility and add compression. Both exhumers and orca can hold more value in ore,be more efficient, but have more Risk/rewards.
  • Rorqual=> Instead of nerfing the rorq into oblivian, keep them attractive. This goes both ways, its a 5bil ship with fit, and the drones that should be able to mine for 3 exhumers. On the other side of the coin is a nice target for hunters and Blobs hunters (you just buffed those so…) To balance the rorq income, like previus stated, change the null astroid content. That way the rorq pilot can sit and mine, the hunter can hunt and kill and the producers can get there baseline materials without the rorq beeing an overtanked ISK printing machine, or trit/pye for a titan being a hassle what brings the price up and the willingnes to commit down ( yes is opinion and feeling, i admit)

Supers and titans: I have seen comments about a theorie that part of this change is to make it hard/expencive again to own/produce those as they where intended to be when implemented. If you keep the gameplay alive as i discribt, so that everyone can play its game from highsec miner to Null Rorqminer, it would be an option to add more parts to supers/titans, what in there turn need more base materials, more mid and high end materials and with that, adding into the need of materials in a positive way, and in the end the supers and Titans will be harder to build , but it can be build sustained. With the 55% scrapmetal max there is a lot that can be done with increase of needed cap parts without the problem of profit scrapping of them. Also more partbuilding add into NPC taxes etc etc etc

A closing word: Changes always have an impact on gameplay. The OMG unsubs/EVEISDEAD reactions have been here since 2003 and will always be here. I do have concerns about the changes as you rolled them out now and i hope this wall of text meight help a little in looking at alternitives/modifications because thats the common goal we all have, all players, from left to right, up to down on the map, even all the way down in the rabit hole and with us CCP games to have a healty game., that we can all enjoy for the years to come. Fellow players; try to work with CCP by giving them constructive feedback, because 1 thing is for sure… Salt will not be added to any belt/anom or moon.

I am sorry for my terrible English, its my 3e language…

Fly safe

*** UPDATE *** sad to see, that @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Fozzie did not do ANYthing with the feedback they got… so yeah CCPlease i guess


this update is insanely affect manufacturer and trader
for example : you bought Pyroxeres , large Volume lets say 1M m3 and u did not reprocess them and boooooom this update go live and made you lost Tons of Minirals . i am 100% sure many industrials are facing this big slap on their faces right now .

for CCP please pay attention for hardcore players that may face critical health situation due to the fatal updates which came all of them in One year the “2020” the “Corona Virus Year” yes you just add more paine in the game world. we had enough on going in real life . i dont understand the "eco book " and "StockPile " you are trying to Convincing us to deal with it which in my opinion is an excuse to drive “EVE Players” to grave yard



Go easy on CCP on this update, I think the update is cool it adds a miserable and hard done by feeling to the game which is exactly what Eve is supposed to be. My challenge is now to see if I can survive in this harsh and unforgiving world.

I just checked Jita mineral stocks, what’s on there could easily be sold in a matter of days. I guess the hiseccers who sneak into low and null to mine will be paid top isk for their works. The incentive is most definitely there. Welcome to Eve online set to “Very Difficult” mode…I LOVE IT!!

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Thanks @DeMichael_Crimson. I’ve blocked him now either way.

Life is way too short and fragile to waste time on hateful, pestilent, exploitative, misanthropic people.

I’d rather live in the light.

Fly safe.


^^This!! Totally this!

This is the only forum I’ve ever been in where PVP has been described the way Max Deveron did. Everything he listed with the exception of actual PVP combat is player interaction as far as I’m concerned.

I sincerely hope there aren’t too many other players with his attitude because it’s sad - and I don’t care how many folk I p**s off by saying so!

Sorry to have gone a bit off topic.