Mining - Asteroids Belts full of pyroxes


I had a break few years and a lot new changes is weird for me.
Always lived in Syndicate region. Before I left eve, there was a lot of minerals on belts.
Veldspar, Scordite and many other , now it is only worthless pyroxes.

It is temporary? These ore will change? It is some “new” mechanic which i don’t know?
Someone told me that will be some mining update but it is mostly about ships not about ore on belts.

I ask because I had fun with mining that belts, even that, it was just nice to watch that different ore.
I train many skills to mine different ore and now, i can jus ratting, because it is more profitable.
Around no one mine belts. To make some ship I have to ratting and reprocess loot to get veldspar.
It should work like that ?
Also I read that moons dont have common minerals. So where i can find veldspar in Syndicate region?

Please explain it for me.

Best Wishes

CCP altered the mining resources distribution across space as part of their “Scarcity” and “fix the broken economy” initiatives. There has been much debate over whether this is a good idea or a bad idea, or if CCP can even differentiate between the two.

Should get you started on what’s going on there. There’s a lot of opinion pieces from various authors if you google “EVE Resource Redistribution” and “EVE Ecosystem Scarcity phase”.

Edit: Update news released today

Should add the upcoming changes for tomorrow while you’re at it

Heh nice update, but still it is wrothless.
Minig animation is quite nice but there is only moons to mine if there is any.
Mining is dead for me :frowning:

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