Wormhole issue

So i am in hisec and have scanned a few wh’s jumped in them and back out. Now my issue is this i am flying a medium ship and the wormholes i have found are medium in size, i jump in do what i need to do and return to jump out…to be confronted by " the wormhole is too small for a ship of your size" bearing in mind it’s not too small as its still according to info suitable for medium size ships.

what i have to do is safely log off close the launcher etc and relog, sometimes it works on the 1st relog sometimes i have to try upto 3 times.
sent in a bug report and was told “we are unable to recreate this clear your cache” which i tried to no avail

anyone else experienced this?


What ship are you using? Its not actually the “size” of your ship that is the issue, it’s mass. You have to be under certain mass to enter certain wormholes.

Activating MWD or afterburner will increase your ships mass, as will fitting plates to your ship

if it were that simple i would not be able to use the wormhole at all, the fact i can use it after a relog says to me its a bug in the game. i do not attempt to jump in or out with any active prop mods. ships it has happened with are all t3 cruisers.
but i do thank you for your reply

Is it always the same wormhole-ID? I’ve lived in W-space since 2010 and I haven’t seen this happen so far.

I’ve only played a year and I also have never seen that happen. The only thing I can think of causing that is:

  1. Not the same wormhole you came in and it has different stats. (I consider this most likely scenario)

  2. You have a modules active you didn’t when coming in that changes your mass (MWD as mentioned before), or changed your fitting while in the wormhole system.

thanks for the replies
no active mods at all, jump in 1 side try to jump back put so technically same wh.
does not happen everytime and only happens on medium wh’s

Huh, I’ve never encountered anything like that before. I’m have no idea in that case.

well i managed to grab some screen shots and attach them to the ingame bug reporting ticket, the reply was this is a customer support issue please resubmit report.

next time it happens i will grab some screen and post them in here for all to see.


Did you make a support ticket or a bug report? They are different things.

We are finding issues with mass rolling as well. Standard methods for rolling our statics are not apparently working as intended.

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