Biggest ship through a class 1 wh?

I cant find any good info on google, besides no battleships… Okay so what is the maximum M3 size that can pass through a class 1 wormhole ?

Would a hulk or any exhumer go through or no ? Hulks are 200k which is the same size actually smaller then a battlecruiser so im assuming they can fly through right ?

There is really helpfull websites:

Example. Someone found J101453 (which is C1), checked it on the and see the static of wormhole is J244 which is lead to Lowsec space. With small dose of luck one scanned down this wormhole and would like to enter using Hulk. Mass of the is Hulk 40,000,000 kg, but as you can see Max. jump mass is 20,000,000 kg, so, one could not use this wormhole

Ok i see the KG on the ship attributes… So it seems a hulk wont fit, but a machinaw and skiff will.

Can i just unpackage a hulk and haul it in then. and dock into my citadel “when i set one up” and then unpack the ship and use it to mine ? And then if i leave the system one day, repackage the ship ect ?

If your packaged ship is entering in the cargo hold of an DST (Mastodon) you can bring it in an out

BUT: think about the high prices of Exhumer. Procurer, retriever or covetor should be better (cheaper).

Though some things may not fit into the hole. You can build whatever you want inside. Up to dreads and carriers. Even Rorquals since that seems to be your thing.

eve in shattered wh ?

Im unsure if mechanics have changed but as far as i can tell shattered holes have no moons so no pos. Citadels cannot be anchored either. So no building at all.


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