Mining Barges and wormhole

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Currently I’m still living in a C1 wormhole with Athanor pulling out moon chunks every two days or so, and sometimes going in the mining anomalies when they are down. One thing that I learned is that, outside of Shattered Wormholes, there is no ice belt randomly spawning, so if we want to fuel our citadels with our own Ice harvesting we have to go trough the null static and hope to find an empty system with ice belts. I also discovered something when I joined the wormhole, but I want confirmation : are Mining Barges/Exhumers too big or heavy to go trough medium-sized wormholes ?

Thanks in advance !

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For Shattered Wormholes, these contain Ice and Ore belts. Some of these 'holes are Frigate Only. You cannot anchor structures within. The way to access these systems is by using the ORE Expedition Frigates. Prospects are good for Ore or Gas, and possess Covert Op cloaking ability. Endurance is for Ice, has a bonus to fit cloaks, impressive ore-hold and a modest drone bay.

The Ice belt is huge inside a Shattered, spread across 250km. Contains all variants.

You maybe able to add a Command Destroyer for some boosting - but there is no specific Foreman version. I have not tested getting one in or out of a Shattered. Although it would not be too hard to confirm on Sisi. (using “Move-Me”)

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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
And about the Barges/Exhumers not being able to go trough a medium-sized wormhole, is it true ?

1 Like Mass: ship mass 20,000,000 kg converted to metric is 20,000 metric tons, which is what eve in game fitting window scales the mass with. :slight_smile:

or Mass: ship mass 30,000,000 kg which is 30,000 MT

hope this helps.

the A009 Class 13 W-Space 500,000,000 20,000,000 wormhole may or may not let you pass… just because you are right at teh max, I think a retriever could theoretically fit in this wh, but a hulk will not.

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