Wormhole Sizes and Battleship navigation around them

this is something that i’ve been trying to figure out before doing anything serious. but basically, i know each wormhole type has an specific limit on ship sizes.

i’ve mostly used frigates or destroyers so far in terms of C1 operations with the corp. and i shouldnt have any issues with the cruiser/BC sizes once i’ve started skilling to them.

Battleships on the other hand pose a situation that its unknown for me. i cant bring one into a C1, but i could build it, and there’s connections opening into it for higher class holes which means i could move the thing for expeditionary purposes (small gang PvE/PvP) with corpmates.

but i dont know if the ship would be able to return to the C1 from the same entrance. i mean, i’ve seen up to C6 connections appearing on the system and we have traversed them to snatch on some expensive fullerenes but, i dont know if a battleship would be able to enter from the C1 into the high class hole, then return from the high class to the C1 due to the size differences between both systems.

is that possible? i mean, the wormhole that connects between them would allow the battleship to go there and back? or instead, the ship would get stranded without being able to return to the C1?

i want to get that figured out before investing on the thing, so came asking here. not many info on that outside of people using a Nestor, which i aint skilling up or saving money for.

You can bring battleships into C1 inside an industrial ship.
Once assembled inside the C1 it won’t be able to leave, since connections TO or From the C1 accepts 20k tons of mass or lower.
The only battleship that can freely move through C1 is the Nestor.

Limit yourself to BC in C1 as max size, saves you lots of trouble. Starting C2 BS is a fair game.
Alternatevely, build one in, but it will never leave :slight_smile:

As an alternative to building a BS in a C1 you can haul one in. A DST can hold a BS hull, and will fit through your wormholes.

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