Wormhole mass changes. H296

Wow this went special…

in 9,5 from 10 situations some dude forgets to turn on his Prop-Mod and then talks about bugs and changes…


in 95 from 100 situations useless dude come here and spam the topic instead of giving some reasonable answer. if you dont know the answer pass by and dont spam.

I am waiting for that 5 percent.

P.S. Wormhole mass has been changed about a year ago. If none of you know about this then I dont know what offline game you playing…

these 5% don’t exist, cause your problem don’t exist…it’s just that easy. But keep on rolling and searching for some dude who fails rolling and then agree to you with a special theory…

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if it doesnt exist why you wasting your time here :slight_smile:

helping you stop wasting your time :wink:

Win Win

I am not wasting anything. Just wanna hear proper answer from someone who knows and have the same problem. I must have missed the patchnotes about it or smth. Cause I couldnt find it anywhere. But I asked in WH channel in game and they approved that the mass was changed. Just need the exact numbers now.

I thought a 3B was waaay oversized, until I realized my HIC had been fitted for combat the day before, so I was only like 40M or whatever it is (onyx), with a 10MN AB.

I am pretty sure that the base mass limit of capital capable WH connections was raised to 3300. However, I can’t find any reliable source for that.

mustem bee that em weedum… wow

technically, shouldnt it say, ship too big?

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