How do you guy make stuff those days?

Why did the cost of the T1 hulls exceed the price on the market??? Those sellers on market, are they selling the old stocks for all these months? This makes no sense to me, please help me understand it, thanks a lot !!!

for example, freighter of four nation, you lose billions to make a hull??

The market is not perfect. Some people have stock piles of ships that they built much cheaper back in the day, and they are trying to get rid of them.

If you can identify a ship that is significantly cheaper than the cost of materials it might be a good investment, as the price may be going up.

The way I used to do it was like this:
Step 1 - Join a nullsec alliance.
Step 2 - Build up enough capital to offer a buyback service.
Step 3 - Purchase Ore/NPC rat drops for a percentage of Jita buy (90%-95%, etc.)
Step 4 - Reprocess with max skilled + implant clones. (Or hire someone else for a small fee).
Step 5 - Use max researched Blueprints to make ME 10 TE 20 copies
Step 6 - Use rigged structures that give bonuses to construct ships, modules, etc.

Your profitability comes from shaving off small margins along each step of the way and it adds up the more you’re in control of each step. Just trying to buy minerals straight off the market, build, and resell the end product on the market isn’t going to be feasible outside of weird market fluctuations. If it were profitable to do it consistently, everyone would already be doing it.

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good point, but shipping from nullsec to jita is a pain in the ass, which means most likely I need to sell my products on the local market. Also, I need to spend a lot of time dealing with people, contracts and rat drops, and shipping between different citadels to collect drops. I certainly can’t do it since the thought of it can make me sick. I just want to build some ships by myself, quietly and happily between Lowsec and highsec. :weary:

I mean, you can. It just won’t be profitable, or others would already be doing it regularly.

I mined it so its free.

Why ships? Everybody wants to build ships, because it’s obvious in a space ship game. :wink: Look for something not that sexy, but high demand, if you want to make a profit.


Shhhhh. Don’t explain this stuff. Most people think the bid/ask spread is “the market” and equate it to cost.

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not funny

but I like ships !

If you’re really wanting to do T1 ships without going through the margin-cutting process that @Scoots_Choco described, you’ll probably have to look at other markets besides Jita and Amarr.

Also, do not build models given away by school systems.

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Ya, I noticed that today also, when I started looking at the raw inputs for carriers and rorquals. It seems the huge difference, 4billion+, in current prices versus building one from scratch is due to the items “Capital Core Temperature Regulator” and “Neurolink Protection Cell” each costing billions. My only conclusion is that the current ships on the market are old stock. I’m new to industry, so correct me if I’m wrong.

edit: apologies, I didn’t realise this post was two months old. This is a slow moving part of the forums.

Yes, it is almost certainly all old stock or, more likely, most people are selling capitals that they owned but didn’t build. The built cost is caused by the huge, wide ranging industry changes that happened a while ago which introduced a ton new input materials - the ones you correctly identified. The market still hasn’t caught up and capital construction is more or less on hold AFAIK. CCP recently tried to seed some minor components-for-the-components in new exploration sites but the consensus opinion was that it wouldn’t have much of an effect on prices.

However if you look at freighters they were climbing in price very quickly and had been getting closer and closer to reaching build cost and becoming viable to build again (perhaps because they get blown up more often than other caps atm?). However following the recent mining change announcement they are now falling in price again as speculators compete to dump their stocks.

With these kinds of markets things sometimes have more to do with what the players think is going to happen/speculation than the actual build costs themselves. Especially with something like capitals which were a popular investment option, where few or no new ones are being built and where not many are being destroyed.

With enough time good old market forces will (eventually) make them viable to build (unless CCP step in first).

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