How hardcore is wormhole living?

I have recently been considering coming back to EVE after a longer break. One of the things that I enjoy is exploration, so I have often thought that living in a wormhole would be a play style that I would enjoy and I have been wanting to try it out.

However, among a day time job and various other free time obligations that I also want to prioritize, I don’t know how much time I would be able to dedicate to EVE. While I might be able to log on (almost) every day, it is unlikely that I could pledge myself to log on for a substantial time to get stuff done more than three times a week.

Obviously, solo wormhole living would likely not work out with such an effort, so I would expect to find a decent corp, but my question to those with experience living in wormholes is, if that level of dedication is sufficient to live reasonably in a wormhole? Part of the question is likely highly subjective (is it worth it?), but part of it is also (in general) what level of dedication wormhole corps expect of their members in order for them to make a meaningful contribution (i.e. should I even bother to start looking for a wormhole corp, if I can’t promise to play e.g. 5/7 evenings a week?).

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I think this meme exists for a reason:


Firstly that’s my favourite EvE meme, secondly it really depends on the corp.

Feel free to look up the corp I’m in and chat to our recruiters/diplo. We’re the kind of group I think you are looking for so hopefully I’ll see you pop up in our corp.


Wormhole living is a constant grind. You have to be able to manufacture your own fuel and ammo along with any other charges or keep a well supplied stockpile of at least five months worth in your Citadel.

There are no trading stations in W-space like there are in K-space. Don’t let anyone fool you and tell you that their Citadel is a trade hub.

The NPC’s are always the toughest imaginable. The Capsuleers you come across are not your friends…watch out for Chance Ravine…but it will probably be too late by then.

W-space is dark and damp and it smells.

If you like having to probe out each and every new access point into a system then its for you.
If you like being on the edge of losing your Citadel because you are close to running out of fuel and get dumped into some back end -1.0 system 50 jumps from 0.0 and have to transport 300 million in Sleeper loot in a Mammoth with BS chasing you…then its exactly what you are looking for.

Scariest environment possible. Where is it going to go wrong and you can’t do anything about it.

To make it plain and simple Borrdo, wormhole living is like riding downhill on a bike without a seat over very large stones. The best part is getting your front wheel stuck side ways and you keep going in the original intended direction.


Oh man! You’re making me miss my wormhole days so bad!
Yeah, living out there is a bitch, but it’s the only place where your brain is engaged 24/7, logged in or not, in EVE. That’s a lot of brain power to devote to EVE, but it’s a lot of fun for a while too.

A side bonus, if you and a bunch of friends live in the same wormhole, you’re 99% of the time doing something together. Going off in a neighbour wormhole, roaming, “cleaning” your wormhole, hunting someone who “trespassed”, mining an ore anomaly, whatever.

There’s no “I’m ratting by myself in my carrier” or “I’m just running L4s” in wormholes, you gotta work and look out for danger. That also means help is always welcome, compared to most other places where everyone tries to optimize to solo.


LS is harder.

W-space is a different mindset. Almost a different game.

You can’t just go shopping. If you’re in a C5 or C6, it might be days before you have a nice route to HS.

You’re making your own content somewhat. You can find sites, gas, PvP if you put the effort into scanning. You can mine moon goo now if you bring in the equips.

There’s no ‘Local’ warning of enemies entering the system. If you’re using expensive ships, verging and watching for new sigs is a must.

But it is pretty empty. Dominated by a few corporations who you kinda need to keep on decent terms with or hope to avoid them.

For newbies, W-space is pretty stupid ISK. You can easily make 3bn a month with the help of older account players.

My PvE/mining corp is recruiting and don’t care if you play one day a week or 7.


Lol no. There’s always a good k-space a few wh’s down the chain.

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If it’s my corp, we don’t really care how much you want to commit, but so far joining as a newbie myself it is pretty fun and lucrative, tho you better look properly as some wormhole corps aren’t all that great sometimes. Good luck :slight_smile:


I think the key thing here is objectivity. Anything you haven’t really experienced will appear complicated and maybe even hardcore but once you’ve spent a day or two experiencing it you’ll find that it’s as enjoyable as anything else in Eve. It’s just a matter of getting the technique down then sit back and profit.

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The amount of misinformation is huge here. You only need to learn to roll holes and you will find a decent HS in no time. Medium and bigger corps (15+ active players) usually have multiple HS in their chain.

Edit: answering OP’s question, medium and bigger corps have multiple players helping out, if you just want to log in to pvp you will be welcome in any of those.


This completely depends on the wormhole class. My corp is living in an „easy“ wormhole so you can do stuff easily on your own if you want, but you can always ask for help if needed. We are relaxed, so you will not run into conflicts with your real life.

If you are interested to join us, contact me in game via mail.


Thank you for the responses, everyone. It is good to see, that wh living is not as inaccessible as I thought, given my circumstances. I look forward to trying it out.

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Not really. Scanning takes a while and is very very dull. You don’t want to put your expensive ships through someone else’s WH either.

Yes, you can probably find a safe HS within 3 hours of tedious scanning. Will it be large enough for the ships you want to take through though?

If you’re in a C3 or lower, or have C3 static, then it’s a lot quicker. Also, a lot more likely to get hostile incursions.


Firstly welcome back to ‘thinking about coming back’ or actually being back.

I read through the replies and thought two things, there are some gems in there and a whole lot of negativity. I would think those that discuss it as being a huge burden probably haven’t cracked the ‘I love WHs’ code yet. That said WHs aren’t for every one.

My thoughts are this (take or leave them).

Figure out why you are going in. Is it to pew and you either have access to a solid eve income or isk bank OR is it to make isk. This will dictate the right type of hole and corp you should seek out.

TZ is the most important part, find a corp with a solid member base in your Timezone and take a week or two to ensure they suit the reason you got into a WHs. Plenty of good ones exist. If you wanna branch out with something new that’s also an option.

Right now solo living in WHs is possible, but you will need to be lean, the current mechanics for citadels make it generally in the attackers favour. My advice, if you want to create something is to go in with a few buds and learn to live. Find a larger corp that perhaps could ‘mentor’ you through the process and ask ‘dumb’ questions to.

I could go on and on. WHs are in a funny place st the moment but are still great fun.

I’ll also put my time where my … errr… fingers are. If you wanna hit me up via a PM and ask any thing feel free to do so



High class is a bit time intensive, but lowclass with easy access to kspace is rather doable for someone with a long hour full time job. Unless you’re in a super hardcore group to begin with, most wouldn’t care if you aren’t ultra active all the time as long as you are up to do things when you do happen to have time to be on.

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If you aren’t blood-brother with the 2 WH renters you will not experience any reality of WH living unless you like to pack and move or just lose everyhing.

Scanning ships are not expensive ships. If you think a scanning ship is expensive you are doing WH wrong.

Alone, it will take you about 1,5hour. If you have corpmates scanning too, it takes 30minutes or less.

Moving ships is not the same as hauling your stuff to sell. A DST can fit in any hole except frigate holes and can have quite a large cargohold.

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It’s bigger on the inside!

Specifically, a DST can move a battleship through a C1 hole while the BS itself is too heavy for that wormhole.


I’m speaking about moving expensive ships from HS to your home W-system. What are you talking about?

Alone, it will take you about 1,5hour.

Maybe on average. It’s completely unpredictable. Could take 5 hours.


Yea moving ships in WHs has risk, but it occurs daily (dare I say hourly) in the game. Look at kills in WHs on zkill and you’ll realise that more ships are getting in out and around WHs than are dying.

WHs are predictable. Learn the WH codes and the classes and you can find a HS relatively quickly. Particularly if you are going from your home hole out.

Happy to go through any of the above with you any time.