How is it like to live in WH?

Hi guys.
Was wondering how it is to live in WH?
Ive never joined a WH corp and was curious to know how it is like. :grinning:

EvE in all it’s gory.

Seriously, it’s the best choice I made. Challenging and rewarding. Find a good corp though.

It feels more like space, it is harder, you will lose more ships, but you make more money and the pvp is better. I recommend it over nullsec.

Sounds lucrative. Im considering to join one after my summer vacation. Id like to know more details and experiences if possible from you guys.

Contact me in game and I can give more detail. It’s hard on the forums.

Quite Fun.
You won’t look at EvE the same way after living in one for a while.

first times you can feel the adrenaline rush pumping. then you get used to it.

scanning, checking on D-Scan constantly, keeping bookmarks and so on. you eventually grow to do those quickly and all.

how enjoyable the content is depends on what you are flying, where and on random stuff like how many sites does the system have, its spatial phenomena and if there’s people moving around.

i havent tasted wormhole PvP but i bet i’d die to any T3 flying around. so i just evade players when possible. outside of that the loneliness and apparent silence of living in a wormhole system is a relaxing activity.

WH is for pvp and high risk high reward PVE. NS is for easy mode isk making in the safety of local.

Its defiantly fun, if you’re in a smaller group, a C3 with a null static. You have good wormhole isk and fun while being able to roam in nullsec. And near nullsec is also lowsec, so you can have quite a variety of activities.

Its retarded, but also a lot of fun. Solo WH right here.

When you say solo how many clients are you running?

I like WH, the best place in the game! Wildlands… this is how the whole null sec should be.

Negative side… prepare for hours of scanning! Just to get to move around.

I run solo typically, using 3 clients, but only engage with the bare minimum to make my kills. My third client typically just minds my home hole, and the others go hunt.

It’s great… no local makes it spooky.

Though I’ve not lived in a wormhole for several years, I’m pretty sure it’s more or less the same…

if you live there solo it can be a pita. Scanning everyday sucks, and if you happen to miss a few days then you have tons to scan (i’m slow a it so it takes me a bit to scan everything) after that it snot bad, just the scanning is a huge chore

There is a great deal of variety in WH space. A lot of it has to do with what class and statics you have in your wormhole. Also the size of your corp. There is more risk since you don’t have asset safety and can’t be sure who is in the system with you. But the risk is pretty easy to mitigate.

It is “Your Space”. You don’t have to bow down to the local overlords like you do in NS. You do run the rare risk of getting evicted, mainly if you are in high class by yourself or let your structures go low-power.

There is a lot of scanning if you want PvP content. And you have to learn how to roll holes. You will need alts (some can be alphas) if you are mostly solo.

If you like PvP the fights are much shorter and self contained. No TIDI and no painful sov capture mechanics.

Straight out of the C&P Meme Library:

Imagine yourself in some bad corner of your city (where there is no police at all). Almost blind so you only see few closest meters to you (no local, overview still shows ships on the same grid). Your only sensors are your ears (d-scan) - pretty unreliable source of intel for most people.
Add here that any person you can meet in WH is a killer/hunter (you better think this way). Don’t expect to ask direction to the nearest bus stop and get an answer (using RL analogy).

Fun isn’t it? Especially if you solo and do not trying to find some adventures :grinning:

PVE side in WH is pretty similar to 0.0-sec: one type of NPC (sleepers), 1 to 3 sites worth running. Data/relic/mining/gas sites are all like combat: you need to kill NPC (sometime you get Data/Relic sites from empire pirate factions).

I’m not experienced much in WH PvP. Almost all my PvP is when we visit 0.0-space to roam.

TLDR: WHs are very special kind of fun. Decide for yourself if you like it.

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