WH, Null, or Low

First off, this is not a recruitment post. I’m just looking for some opinions from others with more experience.

I’ve happily lived in Highsec space doing PVE, Industry, and trading, but I’m starting to feel the need to change pace. I’ve enjoyed NPSI content and more and more my alts are taking over the industry/trade side of the house. At this point though, not sure where I want to go.

LowSec - I’ve enjoyed the back alley muggings, but pirate lifestyle doesn’t overly suit me. The proximity to Highsec is a big plus though.

Null - I’ve joined with alliance before in highsec and even went junior diplo for a hot minute, but I’m not a fan of becoming just a number. There is the draw of sov and politics, but time constraints with kids and what not is rough. Also, from my professional background I’m a hugely against overbearing SEAT and other ESI CSIing tools. A background check I have no issue with, but full blown SEAT access 24/7 is huge double edge sword.

WH - I love the clandestine nature of no local and have experiance with wormholes, however I’ve had far too many “k time to go home… f*** the wormhole collapsed” incidences. This one is also the most appealing due to the ships that are often flown here matching my style.

So I figured I’d throw it out the forums for any opinions. Thoughts?

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It seems like you answered your own question:

LowSec - “pirate lifestyle doesn’t overly suit me”
Null - “time constraints with kids and what not is rough”
WH - “this one is also the most appealing”

Do what is most appealing to you. If it feels like a chore, you shouldn’t be doing it in a video game :smiley:

lol touche. Clearly my brain is leaning toward WH, I guess I just need to get it done. Thanks

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I know the full ESI access really bothers a lot of people, but that’s a silly thing to get hung up on. As someone who has the ability to see all my members everything (and has for many other corporations in years past) I can tell you that I’ve literally never done it when it wasn’t absolutely necessary. I have 2000 more important things than snooping on your character. I just don’t care, and neither does anyone else. So don’t let that bother you.

There are actually a bunch of smaller null alliances that aren’t Bloc pets, so if your main problem with null is ESI and becoming a cog in a huge machine, pick one of them like maybe Reverberation Project.

Wormhole is it’s own thing entirely tho. The lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and all the people I’ve talked to say you can find out if you’ll like it pretty quickly. So maybe give it a shot. There are so many WH corps recruiting now, finding a good one shouldn’t be hard.

Best of luck mate!

Lol well played.

It’s not so much the collector of the ESI access that I worry about. It’s the possible compromising of the database and/or access. Gathering skills for FC to draw up corp friendly doctrines etc is one thing, but things like SEAT when turned on full blast gives a ridiculously large amount of information.

I’m also that guy that doesn’t own an Alexa because I don’t like a recording device actively listening in my house lol.

I like that you have a good grip on who you already are in EVE. When I went looking for something more many years ago, it was a family/friend who directed me to try J Space. I have never looked back, as it appeals to not only my gamestyle but to the very essence of playing this sandbox. If you want to take a dive into WH space, take a moment to see who and what we are in space. Good luck with the continuance of your gaming experience and hope to see ya in space.


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