Where to live

I currently live in wormhole space.
Im currently interrested in living in other areas in space.
Can anyone tell me where the live (hs,ls,ns,wh,pochven) and why they live there what they enjoy about it
and what not.

That skill set says, “Thera.”

HS is a target rich environment, has a messed up risk to reward ratio (it’s too good, imho), easy logistics, cheap prices, and I haven’t gotten bored with it yet.

I used to live in WH space, I loved it but after my corp got evicted from their WH I decided to try something new, I currently live in NS now, expanded the amount of alts I got (Its tedious i know but after only having 2 for 5+ years i figured why not?) .

So far it’s been pretty interesting and has made me want to play this game a lot more. Especially since now i can get into caps :smiley:

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