Is jita trade hub a good home base?

should i live there?

Hi, one jump over would be better and inside a Keepstar is my suggestion if you wish to be close to Jita.


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It is far better to have a warp to tether or undock tether than an instant undock warp away as there are Abyssal Warp Scrambler’s that can catch you under sub 2 seconds.

If you have something of value like costly implants and want to be as safe as possible then it is my best option for Hisec housing.

A general good rule of thumb is to live close to where you do most of your in game activities. So if you trade a lot, Jita is the place to be. For most other activities, you’ll find the area around Jita is way too crowded, so want to live far away and do hauling run (or pay someone to do that for you) every couple of weeks to replenish ships/ammo.

Yes you can but live in another station rather than the main hub it can get a bit laggy. But I know a few that live in the system and couple in my corp that live in station. They seam to enjoy it. Sometimes it gets so busy the gates close. But with the new system it doesnt seam to happen any more. One just buys and sells on the market and hypernet. So doesnt really leave the station. Dont think hes even got a ship gambles them on hyper net and uses an ibis lol

Yes you should. Fleets start from there, you can buy everything you want, sell everything, you get nice looking station to look at and there are many people around that could mean many possibilities. Caldari space is a fairly crowded space. If you dont like crowds tho, find a calmer system around it. Few jumps away. There are mission hubs, there are exploration places, there are PvP hunting grounds. There are people and people mean opportunities. But be carefull, as it also lures in people who will shoot you for your expensive cargo or modules.

Honestly, as a new player I would not take this advice. I’d stick to non player made, non upwell structures for a number of reasons. You can’t trust players but you can’t trust CCP either. Dock wherever but dont build a nest in someone else’s tree - these high sec structures are really questionable.

Ignore all the Spam in you want to stay in Jita

Depends what you do most in the game. I have a few HQs and one of them is in Jita. I do three main activities so I have 4 HQs.

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Do you know the Keepstar that I was referring?

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To me HS is way more then just jita. There’s some really neet corners of HS all you have to do is look. Jita just moves way too fast for me. For those who enjoy a nice quiet HS backwater system it’s pretty calming.

Yes. You should.

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