Looking for New Home/Need Well Stocked Trading Post

I’m looking to move out of the Amarr Academy in Chaven to a location that has a more abundant source of material for ship fitting. Every time I try to buy something I have to always jump at least 2 jumps away just to get it.
Real pain in the a** when you’re trying to do a ship fitting.
What’s a good system to transfer to?
I have 5 ships including 2 battleships, 2 cruisers and a frigate and a slew of hanger items so I will have to move all of it as well.

If you want to stay in Amarr space, then go to: Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

If you want to move to the best market in EVE, then go to: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Tough Choice.
Have a lot of stuff to move.
The closer the better.

courier contract can solve moving problem

2 jumps is not that far lol

I know it’s only 2 jumps but when all you want to do is sit and work on your ship fittings it’s a pain having to go out all the time to get something every time you buy it.
Unless I had a worker to help out.

Amarr would be the closest for you

In my corp some people send me their shop list and I buy and deliver to them, as I go market all the time xD

Are you aware of the ship fitting tool? There is one in game (and a thord party tool called Pyfa).

You can play with fittings all you like in the simulator and then when happy, save the fit. You then trip over to your market, press the “Buy All” button and you are sorted.

It gets expensive if you are buying the actual modules one at a time to try them out, which your post seems to indicate you are doing.

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Oh Ok.
Knew about the in game ship fitting but wasn’t sure what the simulator fit was for.
Thanks I’ll try it out tonight.
I’m also looking for the link to download Pyfa. So a Youtube vid on using it. Looks like fun to experiment with.

Btw, if you looking for a calm and not so far from market place, mail me and I can give you more details

Said the spider to the fly …lol.
Actually calm is what I’m looking to get away from. Amarr Academy is kind of boring end of the line type of station.
At least at the Family Academy it’s a central hub point with lots going on. I like it when space is full of ships coming and going when I undock.
Just don’t like getting jumped every time I do…lol.

I said calm not boring ( talking about jita ■■■■■■■ traffic) not many ganks there but 2 lowsec dead ends with high active folks there( some time I was gathering some PI and they lighted a cyno and a dread hunted me down))

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