Returning player getting stuff out of lowsec

After about 8 years away I’ve been tempted back to EVE by some friends so I logged back in and checked out my old account. Back when I stopped playing I was in a small faction warfare PvP corp and had a great time. The only reason why I stopped was life getting too busy.

Long story short, I’ve got a fair bit of stuff - lots of T2 fittings/ammo and ammos, 3 battlecruisers and lots of small ships (all fitted and rigged) in a lowsec system my corp used to be based in. As far as I can tell the system is pretty dead these days though to get back to highsec I have to go through Tama. What’s the easiest/safest way of moving all the stuff back into highsec?

If I repackage the ships I’ll have to sacrifice the rigs on them. Are there people around who are willing to courier the stuff and how much would it usually cost?

Are there any routes around Tama?
You could use a +1 scout.

greetings mate if your stuff is not a zillion jumps from caldari space we can do it just for fun, won’t charge a single isk. Plz join Naabal comms and we can discuss it to be done in the weekend

There are bowheads now, so you can haul your entire fleet with rigs and fittings.

Tama is not that bad. Half the time there are just a couple of cyno bait guys for the rorqual attack fleet. The gates aren’t consistently camped.

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Is this the Eve equivalent of the van parked next to the school with “Free Candy !” written on the side ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for the helpful advice everyone. I’m looking at some sort of courier service and discovered the plastic wrap concept. Does that reduce the volume of ships so the battlecruisers will fit into a reasonable volume or do they stay full sized?

Basically if they won’t shrink down it looks like I’m better off selling as much of my stuff where it is and running everything small and valuable enough out with something stealthy.

Oï !

IIRC, plastic wraps doesn’t reduce the mass of an item, it just creates a container in which all the items you put in a courier contract are.

As said, you can try to look at the different hauling corporations. If your items are not in a citadel, but in a station, it should be fine. Or you can try to move your stuff yourself ! Your best picks are Blockade Runners, for small mass high value items, or DST, for bulky items such as ships. But you’d lose the rigs, as the other option to carry your assembled ships is the Bowhead ORE freighter.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Another option would be to scan for High Sec wormholes in the system that all your stuff is in. There won’t be one there every day so you may have to wait a while to find one. Don’t worry where abouts in HS the WH goes to (as long as its not a HS island).

Taking stuff out of LS shouldn’t be a problem - there are rarely any gatecamps on the LS>HS route, but i’d avoid Tama anyway.

Or you could just leave your stuff there for a while until you are up to the speed with EvE again.

I’m guessing you havea few skill points free from the skills that were removed over that period of time.

Suggest you invest those toward the Blockade Runner and Deep Space Transport, Industry lvl5, faction Industrial lvl5, Transport Ships lvl1 skills and maybe cloaking.

The Blockade Runner you can move all your high value items fast and cloaked, with the right fit you can haul 10k m3, the DSP with it’s fleet hanger can haul a battleship and another ship when they’re repackaged, though suggest picking the right time and having someone scouting for you, or be very careful.

The other option is make contact with one of the freighting corps and they will ship your stuff to where you want for a price.

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