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Nice kills :slight_smile:

It’s not ever day that I give a ■■■■ about people, but what kind of deal are you talking about?

Whatever you’re willing to work out. We lost everything in the span of a week and are literally wanting to just give up after all the s**t we had to go through already. Though i’m only alpha, i’m still willing to focus on making a deal wherever possible and standing true to it.

Allow me to introduce you to a nice hauler service called Red Frog.
May I suggest using them for high value hauling out of Jita, otherwise you will get ganked like you did.

With regards to a deal, I’m not in a place to help with that part.

Red Frog is over priced and over hyped. Haulers Channel does a better job.

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Use a public courier to move the items out of Jita. Your being targeted because you are putting almost 1b ISK into a T1 hauler. you shouldn’t really fit more than 100m worth of stuff into a T1 hauler, so use a public hauler to move stuff, you’ll pay around 1m a jump. as @Vaacos says use the haulers channel and sign up to their mailing list too to advertise the public contract (remember to add collateral to the contract).

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It’s also worth mentioning that even getting the citadel to the system you want to set up in does not mean danger over, people could target the structure at any stage and so may be destroyed during set up or afterwards.

Ask yourself do you actually need to structure and can you defend it. You may be able to do everything you need in another structure owned by someone else. although there are risks associated with that too.

How would somebody trust you with billions if you are even not able to haul stuff from Jita safely? How do you defend the Raitaru against wardeccers, now that everybody knows where to look for easy targets?

I will message you in game, I think I can help.

Well i mean i’m not going to give you a station, but if you want i’ll consult with you guys a bit and make sure it goes better next time. Those losses were easily avoidable.

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