Looking for hauling relation!


I’m sorry to be bothering, but i would like to ask! I’m looking for long-term-ish hauling relation with a player/s-corp./s-ali. but so far, didn’t got anyone. You might have or know someone, who would be able to be throwing tons of work at me!

I’m limited by m3 that i can move but i can do more than 1 run. If you want 10x Jita - Amarr, you will get it done within 24 hours.

I’m active daily, so as i have said, everything should be done within 24 hours!

7000 m3 max; HS routes only; 500 mil. coll. max.
1000 m3 max; HS routes only, 1.5 bil. coll. max,
600 m3 max.; Ls; 500 mil. coll. max

If not interested, ignore this, good luck and fly safe!


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I have contracts on the public market weekly keep an eye out

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