DST Hauling Highsec -> Jita / Amarr, around 200 contracts a month

I am looking for a hauling corp / player that can haul our monthly amount from our 2-3 locations about 20 jumps to Jita / Amarr (all through Uedama). All contracts are DST size with 60k or 62.5k m³ and around 2b collateral. So we spend about 5b for our hauler every month. If you are interrested, msg me ingame…thx

That’s likely far too much volume for a single pilot, so allow me to point you to Haulers Channel (a link is in my bio in game). The channel is an open community of haulers (and people who need things hauled), based on public courier contracts. You’ll get the best rates and the best service there.

I found a new hauler. Thanks to all applicants.

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