What are the Best Practices for BR/DST Low-Sec Courier Services?

What works best for blockade runners (BRs) and deep space transports (DSTs)? Is subcontracting courier contracts the same thing as having a contract alt and a hauler alt do a double wrap? How commonly is subcontracting (double-wrapping?) used by hauling corps for BR/DST loads? How do other hauling corps handle double-wraps if at all? What’s everyone else’s observations/experiences with their own corp and services they offer?

I’m looking for BR/DST haulers who don’t mind contract alts and hauler alts; ok with 2 - 8 loads per week; know how to bookmark; know how to scout (maybe also use a scout alt but this is optional). Issuer collat cap is 1 bil but hauler can exceed that if they have the wallet. Issuer cargo cap 13,000m3 25 mil; 13,001m3 to 62,500m3 50 mil. Comboing cargoes is expected but pay is not multiplied for a single system. SRP also available. Contact me on EVEmail for details if interested.

Youre hiring hauler pilots.
The post structure is confusing, asks for advice then offers jobs in the field you ask advice for.
Wouldnt want to work for a company who wasnt expert in their field but for argument sake lets say they do, advise checki g out in game hauler channel they talk about this routinely even give fitting for ships , strategy and active gank intel.
Create a corp and go for it or work for one like BLACK FROG, learn the ropes then go do your own thing best for you to learn though, get experience lose a few ships then progress. Dont think you wont die or get blown up, 2000% you will die and get blown up if you are flying alot in eve especially low sec or null sec. Dont even think you wont. But if you make more than you lose its A W.
Anyways, take care.

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