Dedicated Hauling Services, for miners, industrialists, PVE/exploration loot, etc

Offering dedicated hauler services with both DST (1 to 60 000 m3) (high and low-sec) and Freighter sizes (60 001 to 1 126 500 m3). Message/mail Laurens en Daire in-game to ask more.
See the bottom of the message for estimates. While I’m currently running by myself, I am also looking to set up a in-corp hauling service with a dedicated ‘dispatch’ system and collateral pool for the haulers.

Why pay to get your stuff hauled?

  • Need ore/intermediate products hauled between destinations?
  • Need something from Jita? Get it delivered to ‘your doorstep’ and get your stuff hauled back for sale on the same go.
  • Outsource your risks and focus on your activities.

While the services are open to any respectable individual, the main drive would be to set up beneficial relationships between corps and industrialists, PVE powerhouses, etc. Although Freelance haulers exist, one may end up waiting for a while or paying extra if their activities are ‘out of the way’ for any major routes. However, establishing a beneficial relationship circumvents the problems for both sides.

  • Collateral currently limited to 800mil (will bump this up to 2bil as business picks up)

  • Contract fee: 2 mil, (0 if one contract starts from any major hub and returning contract is offered. Negotiable based on current traffic and route)

Per jump rates (added on top of contract fee)
DST-sized High-sec to High-sec: 1mil per jump
DST-sized through Low-sec: 1.5mil per jump for every low-sec system on route
Freighter-sized: (High-sec only) 1.2mil per jump

All rates are negotiable, if offers are made in good spirit and with collaboration in mind.


Laurens does great work, and is an excellent member of my corp!

Hello. Get in touch with me when u can. Just Eve mail me when u Can. i could use your help

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