Hauler service wanted! good pay


I am looking for a single hauler who will be able to haul often for me, work will remain in high sec and will never venture into low sec or null. I’m based near Amarr but have citadels all over New Eden. Most work will centre around Amarr though.

Pay will be above average for fast response, ( I will understand if you have RL to deal with ) In addition to this, you’ll get the use of citadels services tax free! At the end of every month, a bonus will be given depending on the market. Anything up to 1 billion isk.

Please mail me for info and interests; I will be wanting to see positive past history of your completed work and a short description of your hauling history. Perhaps a little about yourself also.



Let me just save you some time and a headache: Use PushX. Their rates are super fair and you get get stuff moved in a timely fashion

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Largest hauling community in the game, they’ll see you right bud

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they’re pro

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