[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

(Cassie Helio) #1

Push Industries - High sec - Low sec - Null Sec - SOV Citadels - Thera

The most reliable and flexible hauling service in New Eden

Get your hauling done quickly and affordably with PushX.
We offer full scale freighter and jump freighter services along with smaller services utilizing BR/DST (all with optional RUSH SPEED). Our large services are suitable to handle your industry needs and our small services are perfect for small, quick, and cheap runs and a great way to get that fit into low sec in time for the fleet.

Get prices at PushX Calculator and all of our services details on Rates and Services.

Here is everything you need to get started with PushX:
PushX - In game channel - General info and instructions found in MOTD
PushX Website - All services and tools found here
PushX Calculator - For determining the price of your PushX contract
MyPushX - Customer website to monitor your contracts and more
PushX Twitter - Average delivery times and news
Rates and Services - Details about our services
PushX Public Discord - Ask us questions anytime
PushX API - Get price quotes in your spreadsheets, programs, etc.
Old Feedback Thread

Thank you New Eden for letting us service you since 2012!

Cassie Helio

Don’t move it, PUSH it.


(Daddy Deep) #2

Greet service, very swift,

can only say they leave me very satisfied

Daddy Deep

(James QQ) #3

10/10 service, would recommend.

(Silverspirit) #4

Excellent and very fast service


(KaeStar CommaEight) #5

10/10 will definitely use again.

(Morty Smith C-137) #6

Awesome service moves good quickly. No fail rate so far and have shipped 20 order parcels around in low sec. Good job

(Aurora Akimoto Kumiko) #7

Thank you for your awesome and fast service!

(Zoe Zuu) #8

Sent in contract at 12am local time, went to bed, assets in Jita 4-4 safe and sound when I got up. Excellent (amd fast) service (at ~1/2 the price of other well klnown shipper).

(AlphaClient) #9

Awesome fast service.! Always use PushX

(Nalana Vos) #10

Great service! Professionals indeed.

(Sidney Hayley) #11

Push Industries covers the whole field when it comes to logistics. Service is excellent. Notifications are a nice plus. Shout out to Eliallie Schereau! Thank you so much!

(Ron Hargis) #12

Great service, would recommend 10/10

(Tin Tinker) #13

Thank you , Great service.

(DiDDleR) #14

As always superb service and swift delivery!

Don’t move it Push it!

(AmberLynn Jones) #15

Brilliant service asked for a rush and got it within the same day cant complain and courtesy mail to let know when done :smile:

Happy with service and prices will be using again for other jobs in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the awesome work :smile:

(Fedor Trillaby) #16

Really fast lowsec courier service. Haven’t use them for highsec yet but if they’re as good in highsec I’ll be using them regularly.

(Aurora Akimoto Kumiko) #17

Thank you for another great and fast service!

(Swag Muffin Riley) #18

I messed up on my first attempt at making a courrier contract and Cassie Helio took the time to mail me about my mistake. Thank you for your quick services!

(Swag Muffin Riley) #19

Another contracted delivered extremely fast. Thank you!

(Nalana Vos) #20

16 minutes or less for a rush contract of 18 jumps! has to be a record :smile: