Red Frog Freight - High sec freight service

Welcome to Red Frog Freight, one of Eve’s longest running courier services.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Relocating all your stuff from one station to another, 20 jumps away?
  • Need your ore from mining ops transported to your refinery of choice or to a market hub?
  • Need your manufactured ships moved to your market hub of choice?
  • Need massive amounts of minerals or ore moved?
  • Have purchased a lot in Jita, and want it moved to your home system?
  • purchased a freighter in Jita, and need it brought to your home system? We can move it for you.

We can do the job for you, so you can spend the time doing other stuff.

To find out how you can set up a contract to us, enter in the start system and destination system in our trip calculator

  1. Maximum volume: 845,000 m3 (no exceptions)
  2. Maximum collateral: 1.5 billion ISK (if you need more collateral, split goods into multiple contracts or see Black Frog Logistics or Purple Frog Transport)
  3. Correct reward, as specified in our trip calculator (tips are allowed, but will not guarantee a speedier delivery time, there is rush services check the MOTD for how.)

Before using our service for the first time, you should read our MOTD in game at channel “RF Freight” and say hello.


A most honorable service, only had good experiences with RF.

Great service as always!

Hello my favorite community of Eve Online players. I have an important announcements to make, a large change to our Red Frog Freight services.

We at Red-Frog are happily (and finally) announce that, with no increase or change to the current rewards, our maximum collateral is increased to 1.5b (1.5kkk for my Russian friends) from our current collateral maximum of 1b. This is the first ever move in the maximum collateral of Red Frog Freight in it’s almost eleven years of existence back even into the dark ages of our start in Red Frog Investments!

This 1.5b max collateral is effective immediately as of right this moment.

Thank you for all of you that have or will ever use our services, we owe a lot of this success to your word of mouth.


Great Service, put up a contract and was completed 1.5hrs later :slight_smile:

Thank you Red Frog ! You are the best !

Why do you hate containers?

Red Frog hauls in out-of-corporation alts and populated containers render the package impossible to pass to our Freighter Alts via simple item-exchange contracts. This fact means we need to move our Contract Alts to both origin and destination location each time when picking up and completing such contracts. It can slow the delivery down. Populated Container = with items inside (this doesn’t include un-packaged ship hulls), empty containers are also no problem.

Does Red Frog accept contracts originating/terminating in Niarja at a Freeport Citadel/Astrahus?

Assuming it is actually a freeport (I cannot check from here) yes RFF would accept contracts from or to them.

Awesome service, can’t recommend it enough

Greetings, my alt Pollarus has contracted you. If this goes well, I have a lot of bussiness for you gents.


I used Red Frog for the first time last night and they are brilliant. My order was processed real quick and it was at its destination this morning. Your courier service is second to none. Thanks Red Frog.

Thanks Red Frog
You are the best !

Ty Red Frog!


TY red frog for letting me be lazy after incursion spawns.

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Oh my god this is a freaking amazing idea.

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Am getting ready to use them for the third time today… I dont think I need say much more on how highly I rate the service from these guys! (And Gals!)

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Fantastic service. Love both Redfrog and Black frog to move my stuff all around Eve. Hope you guys continue to have awesome services in the future! :smiley:

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Thanks for a fast delivery. Less then 24 hours :smile:

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