Red Frog Freight - High sec freight service

It’s good for business. Time equals money friend!

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Not used to the JF thing, I don’t trust my stuff to anyone. However for now on when I need things moved for ANY reason, Red Frog Freight will be my go-to guys. Awesome performance.

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Recently used to haul some ships, excellent and speedy service, will be using again!

Currently due to a bug in the mechanics of the game people are unable to link or create contracts to Red Frog Freight. Tickets, Tweets and Bug Reports have all been submitted, hopefully this is cleared up soon. But if it is not stay tune for updates on how we plan to cope.

We had hoped that there could be a fast turn around of such a singular bug effect, specifically that DT would auto-correct the issue. This was not the case.

For the being until some fix is enacted to the servers please make all contracts to Grey Frog Bureaucracy (within the alliance).

I am truly sorry for the delays to our hauling times that will effect our clientele.

Thanks to some quick work by some smart people at CCP, Red Frog Freight is now back able to have contract formed to us.

Back to work, thanks for baring with us!

As usual Was fast and knock on wood as eve goes got too destination great job as always :slight_smile:

greast service as normal. 3 more contracts listed

Are you guys working? Need few millions m3 to be moved=)

We always are!



love this service, havent used it in years while out of game nice to see its still going.

Awesome service, I received the cargo before I even made it to the destination.

Thanks RF for moving my stuffs for me

The link to calculate the trip is broken Mr Froggy.

404 Not Found

Like the issue is steeming from people, and yourself, trying to open it from its old address. The correct address is in the MOTD of Red Frog Freight channel.

Thanks Guys =) quick and reliable. will be using service more.

The service was way faster than I expected and really professional, we’ll probably use it for all our transports :ok_hand:

Please message me in game need a quick shipment

The stuff gets there eventually, but it it usually takes over a day to accept and then 12+ hours to move my freight. How it can take 12 hours to fly a freighter, I’m not entirely sure.

Currently staring at three contracts with under three hours before I can declare failure. I want the cargo more than I want the difference between value & collateral, but at this rate I’m going to start leaving enough of a buffer that declaring failure & collecting the isk will be worthwhile. Only reason I haven’t swapped to PushX is because you guys have a better cost per collateral between 1 & 1.5 billion, but that might change.

Update: one was delivered late, had to fail the other two and rebuy materials to stay on schedule.

Based on our systems and the in-game contract list, it doesn’t look as if two contracts were failed. Could you please provide me with more information about this please?

Regarding the 12+ hours to move the goods, we apologise for the delay although it’s not always possible to move items promptly. Ganks and RL do happen, and as such we give ourselves a 24 hour window to deliver products as safely as we can. Grabbing contracts can also take a bit of time too depending on the time of day as we’re not always online 23/7.

If you need something in a rush, we do provide such a service which will result in goods being delivered within 4 hours of the contract being accepted. They generally get accepted within an hour of being requested too (although subject to variance depending on time of day).

Hope this helps, get in touch if you have any questions!