Returning after a few years and have stuff all over the place!


I am returning to the game and I find that I have stuff (Ships, equipment etc) all over in different systems. Anyway to just sell or consolidate everything to one hub?

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Depending on what and where it is, I might be willing to buy it in place. Message me in game with a list and I can give you a quote.

Otherwise you could use a service like Red Frog Freight to move stuff where you need it.

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Welcome Back.

Have Fun.


Can I have it?

Use frog freight make contracts for red frog in game and get them to move all ya stuff to 1 hub

I remember there is a capsuleer who specializes in buying such all over the place stuff in bulk around Jita price (-10% or something) though don’t remember the name, might be worth checking out the buy oads section or something in case there is an ad from the guy.

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I know a guy who does this too.

OP feel free to ingame message and I can put you in contact.

I used this player’s bulk buyout service to clear a bunch of inv, although I did buzz around on a couple chars and sort of consolidate it into bigger piles near each trade hub first:

Orochimaru’s Bulk Firesale Service

Wow thanks for the responses! I will reach out to you all that offered tonight. Thanks.

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I have a similar problem, as I to have returned to the game after a break of 2-3 years

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