Orochimaru’s pawnshop ( Buying your firesale, bulk, cleanup)

As title says. Pawnshop
If you need quick isk or just don’t want to sort your stuff and sell yourself.

I’m working on making this as easy as possible for both me and you.

Payment is individually discussed between you and me, but I also accept evepraisal offers.

How to sell to me

1.:zap: You send me an eve mail saying Pawnshop. And also sending me your contract with the price.
( :four_leaf_clover:If you want to use evepraisal you add sell and buy value then divide by 2, then remove 20%.) if this is done correctly I will accept within a few hours, but most a day.


2.:balloon: Pm me ingame and we discuss what you offer and make a deal.


3.:snail: Ask for offers in this thread.( might take longer, but might be good for items ( billions or more).

If you are happy with your sells and my services I’d appreciate if you take your time and writing something nice here.

What i dont buy

this forum will be expanded and up to date

/Orochimaru angel


Seems pretty nice. Do you accept items from anywhere? Or npc station only?

Anywhere. But every sell is uniq. so if its to weird we just talk about it and agree to a deal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

liked to watch upcoming vouched and reviews of this service.

Thank you for a quick service.

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Have some stuff in ph space you take? Also is there a minimum value?

there is no minimum. mail me what you got, evepraisal or how you like to do

Alright will do once i go online

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Hello, Orochimaru Angel replied to my thread asking for this kind of service a couple weeks ago. It took me a couple emails to learn how to do it (because I hadn’t set up this kind of contract / pricing / EVEpraisal link before), but Angel talked me through it.

What I did:

  • I gathered all my items from various alts onto a close-to-hub station (basically the station closest to the trading hub, so I could separate ‘contract’ items from ‘my’ items).
  • I contracted all the items to myself, which gave me a ‘test copy’ of the contract I would send to Orochimaru Angel (this cost 10,000 ISK).
  • I would view the contract, click an item in it, hit Ctrl-A to select All, hit Ctrl-C to Copy, alt-tab to https://evepraisal.com/ , Ctrl-V to paste the items in, used Jita as the hub, hit Submit.
  • As Angel said, I used (Buy value + Sell value)/2, subtracted 20% from that (or multiply it by .8, whatever)
  • Emailed Orochimaru Angel with the ‘permalink’ that EVEpraisal will give you, and the calculated value
  • Angel confirmed this was acceptable, and I deleted my contract to myself, and set up the contract to Orochimaru Angel for the agreed value.
  • I had one contract in each of Rens, Dodixie, Amarr. Orochimaru Angel accepted them all once I had them set up.

Result - I cleared out inventory on 8 alts, got rid of thousands of items I was never going to sell anyway, and made well over a quarter of a billion ISK. Peanuts to some, decent ISK to me, but the primary thing is ‘cleared inventory, made ISK, took half an hour’.

Am I a happy camper? I am certainly a happy camper. Thanks much, O.A.!

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Still open

Open 3 more days, then a break again

Still open

I want to thank those who i helped, its ok to type something in here as a thank.

I still buy so keep this going.

I put up a contract and sent you a mail

I had a friend use your service, she said it was great.

Are you only doing this in high sec? Or are other regions available?

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