* Liquidation Sale * Fire Sale * Leaving Eve Sale*

Over 20 Billion ISK in assets, mostly modules and ships. A spreadsheet can be made available to anybody interested. Just email me.

Be Aware: Any line item that shows a “0” will be negotiated at below fair market value. The software used to produce the list does’t estimate BPO/BPC’s/Other Commodities very well.

Instructions: email me with subject “Requesting Asset List”, then send/post your best offer. I’ll try and complete this transaction within a week or so.

Warning: These assets are spread all over Eve. Some are along valued trade routes in null sec. Only full offers at this time. I don’t want to deal with breaking it up.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend playing the greatest game ever made. Fly dangerous frendz!

Why liquidate when u leave eve anyways?

Maybe play later on new character. Thank you for coming by.

check your mails please

LMAO so in short you arent leaving eve lol …
No one leaves eve NO ONE !!!

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I haven’t really played Eve in nearly 5 years. I’m selling everything, including my characters. I may or may not come back. It all depends on RL, but I figured my best bet would be have isk in case I do come back. I wish I could live in Eve like I did when I first started, but that wont happen again. I love the game, just don’t have the time right now. Anyways, I’m selling assets at a deep discount if you’re interested.

So you want isk incase you come back :stuck_out_tongue: Meaning you will need an account (alpha i pressume ) with at least 1 toon on it to hold this isk. As i stated NO ONE LEAVES EVE hahaha. I will say Goodbye and good luck and also welcome back :slight_smile:

Also please feel free to mail me a list of what you have left

Some people do it so their hard work for what they got goes to somone at least.

I’m interested in seeing your list if you still have things available. Please let me know if that’s amenable. :slight_smile:

Please shoot me up a message!

Could you send me a list of anything left available and location please.


Send me a list of characters and assets for sale please

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