Character Selling

I have a 66m SP character from 2010. I have no intention on carrying on EO, however I have gone far more casual on Eve Echoes. Is it possible to sell my character for ISK however have this redeemed in Echoes?

If not, I will just delete my toon and be done with it.

Thanks :smiley:


EVE Online and EVE Echoes are separate games.

Any attempt to make a transaction between a sale from EVE Online into anything that would influence EVE Echoes would constitute RMT and would be against the TOS / result in a ban of either/both of your accounts.

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Well that’s a shame. I will go ahead and delete this account then. Such a waste of SP and items.

Thanks for the help.

@Waffle_TBE can I have your stuff? I would like to continue with eve online.

I really enjoy EVE at the moment.


Nooo - lend me all your stuff, and when you come back I’ll return it - because one day, you just might be tempted!

I took a 4/5 year break once, came back and was glad to have my old accounts!

I am liquidating my corp hangar I got and transferring all the ISK over to a few friends. I will decide on the account after. I may just list it on the bazaar so someone can liquidate it into injectors.

Could always keep the ISK just in case I want a fresh start. A good few trillion sat in there so would be a boost lol.

You can only sell characters, not accounts.

and just when you though he was serious… he said trillions lol.

Corp hanger. x20 fenrir, x9 nomad, multiple jump freighters, billions of mining resources and minerals…so yes, trillions. Not hard to come by in Eve lol.

Well that sucks lol. Oh well. Thanks for the info.

Toss a coin to your Emperor

O’ Valley of Plenty

O’ Valley of Plenty


Our corp stopped playing years ago, I was just too stubborn to get rid of my account, so I ‘inherited’ the corp hangars lol. kept the bills going for years. Thought I would finally stop being stubborn, sell up, close the hangars and skulk off lol. Painful to do. Shame nothing in game holds value if going to sell a toon…really sad that ISK will all just waste. Not a great trade system for accounts it seems.

With me nothing is wasted…I like flying and dying in expensive fitted ships.

Fair enough. Maybe i should load up everything in a Jump.F and just sit in null and get popped xD surprise present for someone lol!

c’mon. echoes suckz as well… :laughing:

xD I like the simplicity of it on mobile and tablet. Far easier going for my life style now. I’d miss eve too much to go full cold turkey!

ok. but i’m sure the first nerfs are coming soon. let me guess: pi only omega, nerfs to alpha mining as well.

current state of echos is not ‘healthy’ like ccp would say.

For sure, everything is hidden behind a paywall such as trade etc. The rest is limited. Players can access almost everything bar skills and ships xD lmao, so you can’t really do a huge amount. Such is the CCP way of life. Always Pay 2 Play regardless of what they say.

I wonder if the OP is one of those poor “newbies” who got griefed out of the game that the carebear crew keeps prattling on about in every PvP complaint thread.

Won’t someone think of the children?

This guy should build the Palatine Keepstar before he goes.

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