Character Selling

With that amount of isk:

  • Buy some Plex
  • Sub for a year (or 2)
  • Set up a long skill queue
  • Log off
  • Uninstall
  • Come back if you fancy it, if not, nothing lost.


Oh, if you happen to have a spare JF or two, just rusting away… you know, I could always use them :smiley:

Let’s see…if I was going to get all the forum mavens to chime in on something, thus revealing themselves as the group that they are, what would I post…? It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

We are still waiting for Nikolai.

Friend… don’t just delete the toon.

I have my own little grand scheme in the works to conquer New Eden. Send me an in-game mail. Let’s chat. If nothing else I’ll help you strip the skills you don’t want or need and we can put them towards righting all of the wrongs in the galaxy.

@Waffle_TBE - If you are really going to stop EvE, may I suggest you liquify your assets, extract your skillpoints, turn it all into PLEX, and donate them to plex4good?

At least then it will benefit RL things needing help.

I downloaded Echoes and was quickly “nope”, but if you think you’ll enjoy it…welp…godspeed to you. Thanks for being a part of the EvE ecosystem for so long.

Fair winds and following seas o7


Apparently I’m his alt.

So good riddance.

I’m afraid that Nicky has passed. He’s posting in the great big forum in the sky, now.

I was wondering why I couldn’t @ him :frowning:


Like him or hate him he was a feature.


Do you know?

More like

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look i love eve online and I’m poor as ■■■■ , trow me a bone you egotistical monster

Don’t believe everything you hear, Nicolai is still active, check his KB…

@Nicolai_Serkanner does work, after all. I must have misspelled it before.

He’s using that female forum posting alt of his…


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