WTS 2 Exhumer Toons 7.9-8.6 M SP each [SOLD]

Hi there I’m for sale

They’re both in Jita 4-4 Trade Hub

And in NPC corp.
They’re great for solo mercoxit/anom minning and fleet moon ore .

Exhumers 5 is already trained most t2 crystals are available if your corp/alliance permits the use of it on moons.

Excited to hear your offers !

( I would really love to sell them both since they get along so well :wink: )

I can confrim that I am up for sale as well :smiley:

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Bumpity bumpty bump :heart: !

5B *2 quotation

Hmmm, that’s a bit low …

10B offers Pack two characters

10.5B quotation

11B offers

Make it 12 and I start the transfer right away :smiley:

12B OK

Hello, have you accepted my offer? Or another brother?


@Elayne_Insane I accept your offer.

where to send isk

On this toon for both @Elayne_Insane

Unfortunately I am not at home currently, I will start the transfer in roughly 12-13 hours.

ok i will send account names ingame

isk sent 2 different account names sent

Character transfer in progress.

Was a pleasure doing business with you !

This thread can be closed as both characters have been sold.

charc revied

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