For SALE - Exhumer t2 perfect mining toon

I’m for sale Character Sheet

Looking for 17 B b/o or the best offer bid starts at 14 B

Hit me and offer!

Char is in HS with a positive wallet and no kill rights

Implants - Screenshot by Lightshot

14b offer

Thanks for starting the bid, Let’s see how we go for the next few days, I’m looking for 15.5. That is somewhere between the b/o price. Thanks again…


Are you still interested?

Still up for sale?

offer 12.5 bill

offer 13B

Your charecter sheet is down but if he is what i want ill go 15B

14 bil

I’m happy with 15B I’ll post the char sheet shortly

so if all is good for you we can get going asap

Yes, give me a sec to login and give you all the details.

Ingame mail sent

isk sent and account name in eve mail

Done, enjoy!

when dose it says the transfer will be done ?

You should have it in 10H, all good?

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