For SALE - Exhumer t2 perfect mining toon

I’m for sale Character Sheet

Looking for 30 B b/o or the best offer bid starts at 25 B

Hit me and offer!

Char is in HS with a positive wallet and no kill rights

Implants - Screenshot by Lightshot


Still for sale?

offer 22.5 bill

23.5 bill final offer

offer 25B

Sorry, I was away if you can make it a little bit more I’ll be happy to sell it.

25.5B offert

In-game mail sent, let me know when you’re ready!

isk send with my account name in game

Give me a sec to login


ok i dont see for now in my account management.
I think we need more time for transfert.

Check your email to see if CCP has confirmed the transfer, should be on your account in 10 hours I think

it s ok just need wait 10h.


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