Selling old miner.

1,629M SP unallocated for the new T2 miner skills.

He can fly Exhumer and Interceptor.

Is also good for lvl 4 Gallente missions.
Standing up to 7,7.

All CCP rules apply.
-positiv wallet
-is in npc corp
-no kill rights
-positiv security status

Bid start 15b.

I offer 15B

I offer 16B, isk in hand, can trade anytime today.

I offer 17B

Thanks for the offer.

Char is ready for transfer.

Auction will end in 2 hours from now.

Char also has 2 improved implant sets.

Is the auction time over? Can we start this transaction? :grinning:

In 20min it will.


Orryx, plz send ISK and Account information.


isk sent with account name please confirm

Confirm. Isk and account information recieved.

Char was transfered.

Thanks and fly safe.

all done thanks.

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