WTS 26m sp PI/Mining toon

Check Skills

More information on request,

Start bid; 25B

B/O; 35B

25 B/O

Bid accepted for 25B, auction ending tomorrow at 16:00 Eve time

tell me when i can send you money and account name
if I win the auction

The bid is accepted not the B/O!
ISK sent back for the moment, auction finish tomorrow at 16:00 Eve Time.
If nobody propose higher bid, I accept 25B.

Character still for sale, B/O is 35B, and the actual higher bid is 25B


Highest bid for the moment is 25B, auction finish next 5 hours!

Sorry I’m late, auction finish and this toon goes to @Lonzoppina for 25B. You can send ISK and Account name!

ok send isk and account name waiting for transfer

ISK and account information recieved! just a second.

okay! after a long fight with paypal, the character is now on the way to your account! thanks for all!

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