WTS 27.1m sp char


No jump clones
Positive wallet
Positive security status

Starting bid: 15b
Ends: 28th June
Buyout: 25b

20b b/o. Im also bidding on industrial char, so can retract if other seller agrees

21b b/o

Currently at work but will take a look later when im home


Almost 26.9m


Edit: updated SP in title and 25B buyout added

21.5B offer


Bump! Im home all day today if anyone bids the 25b buyout

i love this toon and the way you created her, wished i had the isk to buy her tbh.

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Thank you! I wish you did too lol

Bump! Its almost over! Sp is now 27.1m

You are not supposed to keep training a character when selling

Oh really whys that?

Because Geo just made that up (thats not a real rule or thing at all)

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Unless buyout is met within the next couple of hours so i can transfer tonight it will be about 2pm 2moz GMT

Im home now if you want to do the transfer.

i can give you 21.5B, have all iskies and online very often.

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Sale agreed awaiting isk and account name