What do if quit the game?

Hi mates,

so Im gonna quit Eve, I do have a main character with 50+ mio SP, mostly combat, Gallente, and I have like 4-5 bil in isk and some more spread assets (its not the character with whom Im posting in here btw).

Now Im thinking about a fun way to quit the game, like extracting all SP, and handing it out randomly to people, or selling my main for isk, and gifting the isk out to newbros or whatever.

Any cool suggestions how to make this fun for me?


Hire somebody to start a war? Gift all your isk to the first commenter on your forum post?

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Would say keep the character and isk in case you come back one day.

If not coming back, myself I’d probably go rank and lob out isk and items to new players in starter systems to give them a boost and hope that they get something out of it.


ISK for Eve Uni and/or Mike “Magic School Bus” Azariah. Or perhaps you can find anyone else who is known to actually help new players.

Contests and random give-aways are probably more fun, but this is EVE - the “prizes” will go to people who are good at"playing the system".

Or if you want some real entertainment, set up a nullSec environment where you can teach combat PvP to rookies via actual fights with you supplying their ships. Lots of work, and you’ll need “enforcers” to take out the inevitable hordes of griefers, but probably a lot of fun.


gimme yar stuff !

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Promise a lot of things to many, only to do nothing but continuously promising them they’ll get it eventually. Occasionally give them a fraction of what was promised to keep them hooked.


that’s the issue of democracy : half the people want better wages, half the people want less tax.
You listen to them, you get less tax to pay more wages. ( this is an oversimplified example don’t take it literally ) and then people complain that you did not listen to them enough “But I KNOW what you must do !!!1111!!”

Um, are you suggesting the OP go and work for CCP? :wink:



Turn it to plex and gift it to some new players as subscription


Sell all your stuff and buy plex out of it then warp to a deep safe bookmark, take the plex from your plex vault and put it in your cargo hold then jetcan the stuff and warp away. Live stream all this and harvest the :salt: then biomass your chars. :smiling_imp:

HIre a mercenary corp to take out the two or three structures you’ve always wanted to see go boom. Maybe take out contracts on a few of your favorite competitors as well.

Donate everything to CODE.

This man jitas

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^^ That’s a good idea. By doing that you are giving players gametime in a way that doesn’t spoil them with large amounts of isk/item that could be sold for large amount of isk…and all players can use gametime activated at them.

If you do do this, make sure to tell them, eh? gl

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I’d say that whatever you choose to do with it is irrelevant.

But what do YOU want to do…


Wish you all the best x

Give the isk to Mike Azariah, so he can use it for the Bus.


I had a friend who decided he was going to quit, liquefied all his assets into ISK and then distributed it all to random new players in starter systems. He made sure it was only new players by donating it to those who would ask for info or help in completing the Career Agent missions.

It took him a few days to do that, then 6 months later he decided to come back to the game and had nothing but a rookie Corvette ship. Not only that, he also missed out on 6 months of skill training.

So I suggest you keep your account subbed and set up a very long skill training queue, then you can rest up on a break from the game and when the urge hits you to go space truckin’ again, your character will be available and ready to do whatever you want…


nah, just keep that, you might come back.


If you contract some to me I will donate 80% to the Ronald McDonald’s charities, it’s for the kids :innocent:


You can donate the skillpoints to me and make me genuinely happy.