Best way to rage-quit eve; maximum game impact, no giveaways

hi all,

ive read a few posts in the past on this subject, but i cant find them now. can anyone help refresh my memory; whats the best way to take a veteran (high sp char) from login to biomass, liquidating assets, giving nothing away to anyone for future use, and making the most impactful difference to plex prices, sp recycling, scrapping items, etc?

i know my own char(s) are a drop in the bucket to ccp, but i would like to have a good reference link to share with ppl wanting to rage-quit the ‘right way’. any help is appreciated. plz and ty.

You won’t be able to do this, btw.

But at best, simply biomassing your character and cancelling your subscription (though this actually just means ending any future renewals) is the most you can do. Feel free to send in a support ticket to make your concerns heard, but beyond that, just biomassing and cancelling future renewals would be it.

You can also just continue to whine and cry on the forums, though in all likelihood, your specific comment will be lost in the sea of the rest of the tears, so it’ll be pretty meaningless.

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Boimassing is, when connected with a removal of sub, a message.

the rest of your requirements are just spiteful.


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I think it would be cool if Eve had a BlackHole that you could fly in to, once you enter the BlackHole you are Logged out and your subscription is cancelled. And everything you fly in to the BlackHole is ripped to shreds for all to see in the area.

(Also with a chance to drop Loot for those watching)

I think cancelling a Subscription shouldn’t be a salty or upsetting thing, it should be a Celebration of your time playing an Amazing Game, and it is just time to move on as it doesn’t click with you anymore. Just imagine everyone in space watching people fly in to the BlackHole with all the Fireworks then Bam! Your logged out and you move on. Kind of beautiful.

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If you send it to me, I’ll be sure to make CCP aware of your current predicament and really, meaningfully affect the plex market.

Infact I guarantee it.

You can’t rage quit Eve Online unless you bio mass your character like Mike stated.

I have rage quit and biomassed tons of times. The real truth is that you can’t quit EVE.


That. And do not fool yourself, OP. You will be back, regretting all the lost stuff…

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