Funny question: If you could

Im about 12 cold ones in at the moment, and cant help but ask.

Lets just say you decided to quit eve for good. Lets also say you want to never be forgotten whether good or bad. What would you do to leave your mark?

Lets also say you are relatively EVE wealthy. Use that if you need to make your idea work.

Me? I would buy up a ton of plex. Better yet I would spend a few months doing it to maximize my “going away present”. If you are going to go out with a bang, make it a supernova right? Anyway I dump them on the market and crash it. But Wouldnt just crash it once, I would split it and do it twice. That way everyone will be waiting for the next “attack”.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement to do so lol. No really dont. Although it would be a wild ride.

I’ve already (probably) decided to quit the game for good despite having a lot of fascination for the game still I’ve not played since 2015 other than occasionally logging in as an alpha. Haven’t really gone out with a bang as a bit of me still wants to get back into the game but I don’t see it ever happening.

If I was going to go out with a bang probably go suspect with one of my highsec capitals.

I’d set up a huge bait and gank trap for Suitonia

guys … can i have your stuff when you leave?

i dont get the topic sorry … its a game . .you really need to be remembered in a game? i think some will remember … some not … who really cares? you can go ith a big bang but that will ymake you “famous” in game until the next bigger bang so …


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Go and smarbomb outside of jita station and put it on YT.

And put me also in list for your stuff :wink:

Easy peasy, build and put down a Palantine Keepstar in hisec. Perimeter would be best…

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Would do nothing out of ordinary - your underpriced plexes will be bought out by other market players almost instantly.

Even suicide ganiking in HS in deadspace/officer fit ships would’ve created more buzz for a few days.

I would keep buying any and all sell orders for plex until the price reached 10bil for a month sub. :slight_smile:

Probably copy tippia.

Buy blingy stuff. Load it into freighters and start auto piloting across new eden whilst announcing it on the forums.

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Buy every tech II blueprint you can and then eject and shoot. Frapps and unload. You will live forever

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