Orochimaru`s Pawnshop (firesale,bulk and cleanup)

Second Grand Opening!
As title says. Pawnshop
If you need quick isk or just don’t want to sort your stuff and sell yourself.
Just got back to the game, and need help to get isk for your stuff all over eve.

I’m working on making this as easy as possible for both me and you.
I might not claim the contract if its in a player owned station. (it depends)

Payment is individually discussed between you and me, but I also accept evepraisal offers.

How to sell to me

1.:zap: You send me an eve mail saying Pawnshop. And also sending me your contract with the price.
( :four_leaf_clover:If you want to use evepraisal you add sell and buy value then divide by 2, then remove 30%.) if this is done correctly I will accept within a few hours, but most a day.


2.:balloon: Pm me ingame and we discuss what you offer and make a deal.


3.:snail: Ask for offers in this thread.( might take longer, but might be good for items ( billions or more).

If you are happy with your sells and my services I’d appreciate if you take your time and writing something nice here.

Old thread : Orochimaru’s pawnshop ( Buying your firesale, bulk, cleanup)

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Welcome back o7

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