WTS Salvage and Loot From Lv4 Missions in Gallente Space

(Madeleine Giovanni) #1

Hello Community,

i want to sale Loot and Salvage from my Lv4 Missions for 15% under Jita Buyprice (negotiation based). i dont Cherry pick any stuff from the loot and salvage and i want so sale it fresh from the missions.

the weekly result of the loot is 500millions up to 1 bil.

all contracts can set up to the buyer and if u wish i can travel it to jita for u so that u can get it on 4-4.

Prices got checked on Evepraisal on contract setup.

U can Contact me here or Ingame.

(Chaos Ellec0n) #2

Yeah hit me up with that evepraisal, i’m interested.

(Madeleine Giovanni) #3

contact mail send.


(Madeleine Giovanni) #4

now contracts open for all.

(system) #5

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