L4 Missions. Loot & salvage worth the time?

Title is pretty self explanatory. New to L4’s which I’ve just been blitzing, was wondering if it’s worth dropping at MTU and then return once the mission is done to loot and salvage? Do they have a chance of dropping something worthwhile?

If you’re blitzing missions efficiently, looting/salvaging should be a waste of time. There are a few specific missions that have a chance to drop a nice implant or something like that, but a) those come from specific names rats and you can just loot those and b) otherwise there is nothing special in the loot to worry about missing.

All this said, I actually do generally loot and salvage, but that’s because I just enjoy full clearing missions more, and I also use salvage drones. I don’t wait extra time beyond what they can salvage by the time I’m done clearing a room (an I target them the battleship wrecks). With the MTU and salvage drones, and not waiting extra time, it’s a little boost in income - but I wouldn’t expect it to be worthwhile blitzing.

Of course, if you’re killing empire rats, all the value comes from their tags, so you want to loot all of those if you’re taking the time to kill them.


Not really worried about income, started doing a few missions to break up my routine and have something new that I can go do. I was just blitzing because that’s what I had read from various guides. Think Ill grab some MTU’s and slow things down to loot & salvage. Tags would be a nice bonus



You definately want to use MTU’s at all times.

It will attract alot of new found friends who love to share in your experience.

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I used to fly a dominix when doing almost every mission the agent gave. I have 2-3 unused high slots. I’ve tried to put some guns on but they just suck on an unbonused ship at that range. So I finally decided to carry an MTU and fit some salvagers on the unused high slots. I just collected loot and salvaged wrecks when my sentries creating more wrecks and went on when kills were done. This usually gave me about at least 2mil more isk per mission so it wasn’t too bad after all.

I’ve also noticed that Gone Berserk mission dropped better loots than most other missions, usually several hundred thousand isk per wreck, so it may be worthy to drop an MTU there and collect it later (if your mission satelite is peaceful enough).

There also existed public salvage services but I don’t know how it’s going now.

Alternatively team up with a newbro who will follow you around with a salvager destroyer or such then split the profits or the loot or whatever you both are comfortable with.

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Hello! tell a newbie. Which ship is worth exploring for the fastest possible cleanup of lvl 4 missions? tengu? rattle snake? Raven? I can’t choose where to go. and what weapon is most effective for this.

I drop MTU on specific missions i dont have to move at all. Just to get junk for reprocessing i use to make missiles.

Typhoon Fleet Issue.

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Loot yes, salvage no, especially with the upcoming mineral changes. Loot is going to become more valuable.

Just drop an MTU make a bookmark and then every couple of hours whizz around in a fast transport picking up loot.

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I predict that due to the mineral changes there’s going to be a return to good ol’ fashion gun mining. So be ready for loot to raise greatly in value. Personally, I think it’s pretty good as long as you are doing a pretty good job multi-tasking. Drop MTU kill smaller ships, pop salvage drones, kill bigger things. Typically, I can get it all done without too much down time. But Salvage and loot has really dropped in value compared to were it used to be. Use to be the case that salvage and loot was worth more than the bounties.

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