New player needs help with loot

The game is awesome, gets more addicting every day, BUT Im really getting tired of slow loot/wreck pick up.

I kinda want to explore the secutiry agents as a new player. Im currently on lv 2 agents. I just want to pick up loot asap and get on with the next mission.

I dont have drone bay for salvage drone so that option flew out of the window.

depending on what ship you are using you can use a tractor beam/salvager, or 4 of each.

Catalyst which should be perfect. Right now im holding 8 guns to kill asap but if my collecting is taking so long then Im not gaining anything.

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If you are only after loot, Mobile Tractor Unit is probably what you are looking for. If you want loot and salvage. Take MTU and dedicated salvage ship. Second destroyer is your best bet as new player.

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You could use a different ship with more utility high slots. Drone ships are particularly good at that. Since you use a Catalyst, you can switch to an Algos and use drones for DPS and the high slots for salvagers and tractor beams.

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The wrecks stay in space for a while after the mission is complete. An efficient way to loot is to do several missions in a row, bookmarking each group of wrecks. Then hand in all of the missions. Then come back in a dedicated salvage ship (Salvage Thrasher is a good choice if you’re on a budget), and loot them all in one go. A Thrasher with cargohold extenders should be more than adequate to harvest the loot from 3-4 level 2 missions.

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At that level of missions - and it also applies even to some of the lvl4 missions you can get - the combined value of loot + salvage far outweighs the payout + bonus, even with high social skill levels to increase payout etc.

Until you get your first mtu, a dual ship solution is ok. Run the mission with your combat ship, pick up any mission item you need (!), dock up but DON’T talk to agent, get destroyer or other ship (e.g. the Magnate has a salvaging bonus) fitted for salvaging, fly back to mission site (rclick in space has the mission bookmarks in the system), loot and salvage the wrecks, then dock up and hand in the mission.

As soon as you can afford it, buy an MTU. Even when you use a Noctis later in your pilot’s life it makes it a lot faster.

An MTU will speed up the process. You deploy it before you start shooitng, it will loot and especially group all the wrecks for when you come back with your salvaging ship (or if you have enough drone bay capacity in your combat ship to keep 5 salvaging drones with you). Grouping the wrecks is the best way to speed up the process.

Sell all you can (mostly the salvage) to some decent buy orders, keep or reprocess the remainder of the loot (make sure it’s a 50% yield station).

Making bookmarks in multiple rooms is an option, but as long as you don’t hand in the mission you have access to all of them anyway.


It might be worth looking at an Algos if you are already flying a catalyst - I use a Dragoon (the Amarrian drone based destroyer) as a casual looting and salvage ship. The Algos should be able to do a similar job: carry flights of combat drones and a single flight of salvage drones. Fit a couple of tractor beams in the high slots and cruise around the debris field using the salvage drones to clear wrecks and the tractors to bring in the containers/lootable wrecks.
Not sure if the Coercer is better or not: I suspect it’s a personal preference thing rather than a staggering difference.

I normally run Level 4 missions - bookmark the locations of the battles/wrecks and jump into a salvage ship after finishing the missions. Wrecks last a couple of hours, so you do have the option of running several missions between tidying up the wrecks. Looting and wreck collection is definitely worth it for Level 4 missions, but at the lower missions it is more down to being tidy minded.

The luxury is to do the salvaging after a mission with a Noctis. That’s a vacuum cleaner masquerading as a space ship…


Another option that nobody has mentioned - fleet up with another character who follows behind you and does the Loot Salvage after you’ve done the combat.

In a multiple room combat site, the dedicated Loot Salvage ship stays one room behind you waiting for the ‘All Clear’ signal to proceed. In a single Deadspace area with no gates, the dedicated ship waits by station for your ‘Warp To Me’ order.


Interesting replies. I already have MTU but I wasnt sure activating is worth it as of now. Im doing lv 2 missions, the loot sucks and it expires in 2 days. I see Noctis requires only 14h of training to able to fly it.

The biggest question I have is how fast I progress from lv 2 agents to 3? Perhaps even 4, because I cant find anywhere the progress, just standing in general.

Progress is tied to Standing - if you look at either the faction standing (such as Amarr Empire) or the NPC standing (the company the agent you are works for) then you should see a marking on the standing “bar” that shows where you are relative to those factions/corporations offering you higher level missions.

Focusing your efforts with one NPC corporation, and training some of the Social skills (Connections) helps significantly.


Nevermind, Noctis costs about 100mil. I dont want to get too comfortable in that yet, especialy since I assume lv 4+ missions will be in low sec. I think Cormorant which was suggested earlier is perhaps the best option for new players.

Level 4 missions are available in High Sec space, level 5 missions are only available in Low Sec space.

Level 4 missions do give a lot of ISK and LP’s but they’re long missions with a lot of Ewar happening. In my opinion running level 3 missions with maxed out Social Skills is a better option, those missions are faster to complete which is great for quickly gaining standings.


Not sure what the 2 days thing is about. Probably talking about Wrecks and Jet Cans, those despawn in about 2 hrs.

As for the loot from level 2 and lower level missions / exploration combat sites, collecting the loot and salvage from those will almost double your overall ISK gain. I suggest checking buy orders for best price on modules and if there’s no good price, reprocess them for minerals which you can sell or keep for building items in the future.

Perhaps I read it wrong but MTU expires in 2 days from what I understood. So I need to buy it again? Hence why I thought its only worth using if ur making big bucks. Im going to powerlv to lv 4 agent and start to salvage. Thanks for all the replies guys.

You can deploy and scoop the MTU no need to let it expire you can just grab it as long as you have enough space for it in your cargo hold.

I didn’t realize you were talking about the MTU.

Anyway, you wouldn’t be leaving it there for 2 days if you’re using it for mission clean-up. Like @Uriel_the_Flame said, just pick it up after the mission is completed, then re-deploy it in the next mission site.

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Just bookmark the mission yourself then complete it, your bookmark won’t get deleted, only the mission provided one does, also means no deadspace or burn to a gate, just bookmark each room as you go

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Unless you are in an area that is close to a Lowsec gate, you can comfortably run L4’s in high sec without going to low ever.