Salvage drone and loot

I know how work tractor beam work BUT how this look with salvage drone?? They salvage wreck but what with loot?? Or what is best way to “farm” mission, doing 3-4 mission, kill enemy, put tracto beam and after 3-4 mission back on spot with salvage drone??

Use a MTU Mobile Tractor Unit - EVE Online Reference

Salvagers and salvage drones salvage the wreck only (which gives you salvage items) and ignore the contents of the wreck. Once the wreck is salvaged the contents will be floating in a container where the wreck was.

If you wish to get the contents of the wrecks, you will need to loot the wreck by moving your ship within 2km of the wreck to access it, or by pulling it (with tractor beams) within 2km of your ship.

Mobile tractor units automate the tractor + loot step, but do not salvage the wrecks.

So if you want to clean a battlefield, it’s a good idea to bring both a MTU (or tractor beams) and salvagers (and/or salvage drones) to get everything.

Salvage drones will not loot wrecks simply because

  1. Not their job
  2. They dont discriminate.

If you are ninja salvaging they will still salvage the wrecks.

Mtus however, will not loot wrecks you dont own (unless the wrecks were abandoned). Abandoned wrecks are blue, and wrecks you don’t own are yellow. Looting yellow wrecks gives you suspect status.


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