Poor Alphas can't have Salvage Drones

(Kathern Aurilen) #1

I was hoping that we would be able to get salvage drones :frowning:

(Hipqo) #2

Dont worry, the salvage drones are almost worthless to omegas aswell :stuck_out_tongue:Jokes aside, you will find its much easier/faster/better to salvage in a destroyer with 7 salvagers and salvage rigs.

(Memphis Baas) #3

Fastest way to do missions is to fully fit your combat ship for PVE combat (including drones), bookmark a wreck at each pocket, then come back in a destroyer with salvagers / tractors and an MTU in cargo. You get the full loot and all the wrecks nicely gathered for salvaging, in a fraction of the time (compared to trying to salvage with drones while you’re fighting at each mission pocket).

(Kathern Aurilen) #4

I know they are near worthless. I hated how bad they were, BUT it would be nice to have if in away from the home system roaming and needed salvage picked up. They are good if you wanted to be lazy for a bit and let them pull a ROOMBA and clean house for me.

I know, I love my salvage cat, to bad a max(5mill) alpha can only lock 6 targets, I have 6 salvage and 1 tractor and a gun if a rat shows up. It doesn’t take long, but it’s a lot of busy clicking to use it.

(Boldly Gone) #5

Dunno, I love my salvage drones.
With some microing they tidy up the scene quite good and can go more than 50 km (drone upgrades and modules apply here too!) while the MTU slowly tractors one by one, always picking the closest, and the tractor beams also have limited range.
But my favorite looting tool is a Noctis which combines all of that. There you can do so much microing that all the wrecks and boxes diappear really quick into your hold.
With my alpha toon, a nicely fit catalyst does the job, but you have to fly around and you additionally have problems with “yellow” wrecks - while salvaging drones are colour blind :slight_smile: .

(Kathern Aurilen) #6

I know the MTU is racist to yellow wrecks, but the salvage drones are too but they do their jobs if ordered to.

Man I miss my NocNoc… :disappointed:

(Lena Crews) #7

With a multi-account setup, salvage drones can be useful. With 3 accounts I use 2 VNI’s to clear an anom and have a third account in a Nereus with 3 salvage drones.

It ends up working out that the 3rd account is finished AFK salvaging the prior site just about the time the two accounts I’m playing with complete the next site.

Granted… you can only do that with Omega. But they’re not completely useless. I’d never bother with just one account to play with though.

(system) #8

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