Salvager Drones' bonus to Noctis

Destroyers fit with salvagers and salvaging drones are very competitive with Noctis for a fraction of of Noctis’s price. I think that Noctis could use some buffs to salvaging, the drones would be an awesome touch.


I think a bonus for salvage drones is a fitting buff for the Noctis, the ship could use a buff.


The only buff I can see that would benefit the Noctis is the one that turns it into a fragmented floating flotsam.

It’s a pointless ship.

Get a destroyer, slap on some salvagers. And go.

Oh, and do please use MTU’s. Makes it so much easier to ping down your mission location.

Noctis’ main strength is in its tractor pull and range, it can pull in a full field infinitely faster than an mtu ever could. Stronger salvagers can on average clear t2 salvage wrecks, that being sleeper/drifter/trig, than a destroyer could, but its a niche usage case.

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It’s a pointless ship. And the fact that you felt the need to point out its underwhelming and mundane bonuses just exemplifies my point. Thanks for that.

your highsec is showing

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As an example, since you don’t know anything about salvaging apparently, in jspace you often need to pull in wrecks on a grid with wrecks spanning 50-80km away on average. You need to do this quickly because you don’t know if someone is gonna roll into you and ruin your day. The extended tractor range and velocity can make quick work of this.

Or you could also leave an mtu in every site with all your earnings and wait for them to tractor, just to send your 5m destroyer in to collect, with who knows waiting to dunk you.

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Sure, buddy. Keep on paddlin.’

You can keep on justifying it all you want (just like your little incision whine thread) but it won’t make it any less pointless.

I see you spend a lot of time giving uninformed opinions on here. You should put that in your bio or something.


Hi Pot. My name is Kettle. Say, we’re both black!

Can you please provide citation that’s a bit more substantial than your highly subjective and tinted “experience.”

I’d hate to think that you too, offer uninformed opinions as well.

Thank you!

I like it, that would work well noctis is in need of a buff.

A good bonus to the Noctis, that pairs effectively with tractor range would be a modest improvement in salvage drone speed - i.e. reducing the time they are not salvaging.

The Noctis is rather under-appreciated. There are a lot of people that say “use a destroyer” and I suspect they’ve never tried a Noctis or gone much beyond “look at the high slots” - but for the sheer speed clearing salvage, the Noctis is unmatched - the 60% per level range and speed bonus on the tractors, along with the shorter cycle time for them, means it clears the local area very quickly - everything within 90km as quickly as a destroyer can cover 20km. And you’ve a lot more cargo space in the Noctis.

Yes, expensive and specialised. But within that specialisation it’s unmatched.

You are right. Salvagers should be limited to industrial ships, crappy t1 probers and marauder’s.

As much as I agree with you that he’s just spoutting ■■■■, He’s got a point : noctis is barely better at salvaging than a destroyer.

The align speed, warp speed, targeting speed of a destroyer make them close to the noctis in terms of salvaging.

So indeed it has a good bonus to tractor beam, but why use it when you can drop a mtu and do your next haven, come back in a destroyer to salvage.

So yes I think the noctis could lose its salvager bonus and instead gain a bonus(=reduction) to salvage drone cycle + bonus to salvage drone chance.

A formal goal would be to have the same salvages per second for 0% difficulty salvage as a noctis with 6 salvagers T2 on different wrecks
ATM 6 T2 salvagers are 7.5s cycle, 35% success so 6×35/100/7.5 = 0.28 salvage per second with a noctis.
meanwhile drones are 4% base , ×1.1 from operation ×1.1 from spec = 4.84% so a flock of 5 has 1-(1-4.4%)^5 = 22% chance per cycle, so for 10s cycle this means 0.0022 salvage per second.
In order to match the noctis salvagers the drones must have their salvage cycle reduced to <1s :confused:

I propose

  • remove the 5% reduction in salvager duration per skill level
  • add a +20% to salvage drone accessibility bonus per ore indus level
  • add a BASE -50% to salvage drone cycle
  • add a -12% to salvage drone cycle per ore indus level

This means a max level 9.68% chance per drone so 40% per flock per cycle, and cycle duration 10×0.5×0.4 = 2s so approx 0.2 salvage per second. 29% Lower than noctis with 6 salvagers, a bit more than a noctis with 4 .

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Salvage drones can also be used more effectively in a destroyer, that being a dragoon or algos. As they have bonuses for drone velocity. The problem with salvage drones is they only ever focus one target at a time unless you micromanage them, and then they they have to travel back to you or to their next target.

Noctis is a specialized ship which is suited for its niche role. I don’t think salvage drones would be a game changer for it.

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How is their focus behaviour a problem ? Also if the noctis focuses on tracting, then the drones don’t have to move a lot from a target to the next;

You can salvage up to 8 separate wrecks while 5 salvage drones work on a singular wreck. It’s significantly faster.

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Look again what I wrote above.
I take those informations into account.

You are not answering the question : how is their focus behavior a problem ?

I just answered you, they focus only on one target at a time unless you micromanage them constantly. They will all cycle on one target until it the wreck is salvaged, then pause, then either return the salvage to you or travel to the next one. That is at 4-8x (depending on how you fit your noctis) slower than using the module on each wreck. Having them cycle faster wouldn’t be much of an improvement on that, mostly due to how drones work.