Noctis Rebalance (MSGA!)

TLDR: Slight improvements to the Noctis to make salvaging great again (MSGA!)

Noctis (Hauler)
• 5,000 m3 fleet hangar capacity
• +1 medium slot
• 0.05 inertia modifier

Salvage doesn’t take up that much m³ only the modules you loot does.

Yes, but a 5,000m3 fleet hangar wouldn’t really be a deal breaker. Even a 2,500m3 fleet hangar would be an improvement.

Do you really need a Fleet Hangar when you most likely would be using a MTU for gathering the loot in one place, and could easily just use a normal hauler to pick it up which has a big enough cargo hold to comfortably fit it all. Then go back with the Noctic to Salvage the wrecks - no hangar needed.

You could also just use the Porpoise which does have a Fleet Hangar - although no Salvage bonuses.

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For solo applications, yes - a small fleet hangar would make a world of difference.

Would loot automatically go to a fleet hangar? I feel additional normal cargo would be enough.

Also a smaller inertia modifier yes please.

Not automatically, no. Additional cargo space would also be acceptable in lieu of a fleet hangar.

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I agree that it would be nice to have it but I do not see the need for a Fleet Hangar to be added to it. It’s a Salvager not a Hauler, adding a Hangar I feel would sort of remove it’s niche (special field). If a change is needed I would probably go the route of giving it a bonus to Salvager range - like it has with Tractor Beam (60% per level) which would give it a Salvager II 24km range rather than it’s measly 6km, which IMHO is much more valuable and would possibly open it up to being use for Ninja Salvaging (while it’s slow to warp, yet not instantly locked down with Scrams)

Edit: Yes, it is in the “Hauler” category.

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Salvage range would be great as well. I’d still like a bit more cargo space.

More cargo space would be nice in general.

1460 m3 is just sad. At least put it up to 2000, or even up to 2500~ish.

Also, I want tractor beams to auto loot wrecks if possible!

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A slight increase in it’s Cargo Hold capacity I would be all for - maybe increase it to around 2.000 m³ (+37%). With the current Slot layout it would be possible to get that up to about 4.145 m³ (3 Cargo Expanders).

That’s what MTUs are for

Which is why no one uses the Noctis.

You probably weren’t aware of the shortcut to “Loot All” button on the Loot window, which is: when clicking “Loot” (opens the window) > without doing anything else, hit “Enter”.


Whaaaaat? No one told me this was a thing! QwQ

Manually looting 30+ wrecks is still a PITA tho.

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It sure can be.

I use both (MTUs + Noctis).

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So it sounds like the general consensus is:

• Better align time (inertia)
• Expanded cargo space
• Possibly some other salvaging benefit/bonus

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I use it every EVE day.

To bring the noctis back i would suggest to add a tractor speed 25% per ship skill. And increas range to match the range of an MTU. And maybe you also need a buff to target range to match up with the new tractor range.

But i dont would biff the hull for EHP, speed or aligntime. Just buff this ship to have a better alternate to the MTU if you want to be faster with less lazyness.

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