Time for a new salvager

Salvaging I super fun especially when you have the right ship. Salvaging in a destroyer is boring and a noctic is a nice ship but damn it dies easily.

Maybe its time for a new salvage ship. A ship that can tank and get the job done no matter the circumstances.

So the usual, 8 high slots, good rig amount and a couple low because this think will probably be a structure tank.

Was thinking 3 built in MTU’s into the ship so you can focus on salvaging while they do the other work for you. And a unuque module similar to the siege modules. You click on it and you get a defense boost. Salvage boost, range boost and sensor boost but unable to move.

And maybe make the built in MTU’s range 200km so you can be in the back line and salvage like a thief.

Hopefully this makes more or less sense


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You know, dropping any MTU is usually enough to gather most wrecks. I don’t think we need a brand new ship for salvaging, any ship with a couple utility highs and 25m3 in the drone bay can salvage a room quickly enough.

I sincerely don’t like the idea of dedicated salvaging ships. After flying marauders I’d much rather see salvaging being done quickly in between dead space pockets. It’s a waste having to switch ships if you’re PvE fit

Yea true but what if you want to slavage a battlefield where 2 alliances clashed. You going to want to salvage as most as possible, quick as possible and tank a bit for if some other smaller ships land ontop of you.

What if some carriers land on you? Will you want supercarrier salvager? Just dont salvage when you fear you will be a salvage yourself. Or stay aligned. Dont use MTUs.

Sacriledge, 5 x salvage drones, t2 salvager and mtu does the job nicely

no amount of tank will save you if you want to salvage pvp ships with hostiles still on grid, and you also want auto tractors on the ship? I mean im a gamer and all but ive seen some really lazy gamers that’s afraid of a bit of work.


Haha its just to get a lot of stuff to you as quick as possible. Just get on and off grid ship

you land on grid with hostiles there or they land after you do and catch you, its not going to save you unless you can blow up the tackle and run. bigger tank and your also looking at bigger ship which is easier to catch, the only salvage place youll be able to get salvage will be in empire.

Instead of introducing a new ship, why don’t you suggest defensively buffing the Noctis?

For only 5.95 you can go EVA with a tool belt and salvage that way :stuck_out_tongue:

thats also a very good point…

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