Salvager love

There hasn’t been any love for salvagers in a long time. How about it, CCP?! How about some Tech II Salvager drones, or even a tech II Noctis. Better yet, how about a capital class Salvage vessel that launches it’s own version of Excavators. Little mini Noctis drones. Any kind of improvement to the world of Salvaging would be wonderful!


Hell no! Power creep is bad and you should feel bad for suggesting it!


Id be down with T2 Salvage drones

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The tech 1 salvager drones works wonders. The problem is, there isnt going to be enough demand for T2 salvagers, or a cap ship that exclusively salvages, because no one is looking for that. noctis works great, and when it isnt available, people are completely fine with a catalyst and 4 salvagers/tractor beams.


Players with balls would demand salvager titans.


No, no. The answer isn’t always to go bigger.

I think we should go smaller.

I want a pod that salvages by repeatedly bumping the wrecks.


You mean because over the years CCP has nerfed the crap out of salvaging.

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No. Go away.


This is good idea. Perhaps T2 salvage ship (T2 Noctis) could use cov ops cloak and could have bubble immunity. Cargo hold could be smaller than T1 version and have salvage material bay. Unable to use smart bombs. This would be fairly easy project(?) for CCP since T2 Noctis would look like T1 Noctis with different colour.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

ps. Capital level salvaging bonuses could be integrated with Rorqual.

pps. In early days I often salvaged destroyed capsuleer ships that I found floating in space every now and then. T2 salvage materials had extremely high price back then and they gave lots of ISK if you found destroyed T2 ship.


T2 salvage drones.
Sure, why not.


I like the idea of having T2 Salvage Drones, as long as they have 100% chance of retrieving salvage materials, especially since T1 Salvage Drones don’t do that even with max skill level.


Salvaging is already quite efficient with MTU’s, and is hardly worth the effort since salvage is worth next to nothing isk wise. I’m not sure why we need to be even more efficient to make salvage even more cheap.

MTUs dont salvage.


Soon to be $3 each in the NEX shop :smiley:


I would really get into salvaging again when:

  • wrecks become scanable then warpable
  • there will be some special edition covert ops expedition frigate from ORE.

in a way i cant help but agree with @Ima_Wreckyou

there is no need for T2 salvage drones, use a salvage module.
T1 salvage drones and mtu’s work fine as is.
and the noctis is still a viable ship in some areas.



T2 salvage drones would make salvage modules, MTU and tractors (and the noctis) pretty much redundant.

MTU’s don’t salvage wrecks and ships without a Drone Bay would still use Salvage modules. The Noctis would still be great for clearing out large amounts of wrecks.

As for T1 Salvage Drones, even with max skills they still take a lot of time to salvage wrecks and sometimes don’t even collect any salvage materials. Now if T2 Salvage Drones were added to the game, they would basically salvage a wreck faster and have a much better chance at collecting salvage materials.

Adding T2 Salvage Drones wouldn’t make anything else redundant that’s currently in the game. All it would do is give players with the appropriate skills a better chance at collecting salvage materials.


I can a) keep an alt for a noctis, b) take the time to switch ships or c) take a flight of these perfect salvage drone thatmean I don’t need an mtu to pull in wrecks, any salvagers as the drones alreafy do it, or a noctis, since the drones now do the same job.

Such drones would hit the above ship/modules for those reasons.

Don’t know why you keep bringing up MTU’s, those could still be used with T2 Salvage Drones. Now if your ship doesn’t have a Drone Bay then you wouldn’t be able to use salvage drones anyway and would still have to use salvage modules.

And another thing, not everybody in this game multi-boxes with Omega Alts. Also nobody in their right mind is gonna take the time to switch into a Noctis for a small amount of wrecks.

Like I said before, even with max skill level T1 Salvage Drones take a long time to salvage wrecks and don’t always collect any salvage materials.

Don’t know why you people are so obstinate about the idea, it will increase players chance at collecting salvage materials and won’t make any of the other ways to collect salvage materials redundant.